'MeatEater': Steven hunts for Texas Nilgai as they are meatier and make 'a bigger rug for the living room'

Steven Rinella comes to Texas to hunt for Nilgai in the hope of finding one that is big and meaty

                            'MeatEater': Steven hunts for Texas Nilgai as they are meatier and make 'a bigger rug for the living room'
Steven Rinella (Netflix)

Steven Rinella arrives at Texas in a bid to find a meaty Nilgai. Luckily for him, he had the perfect set of people who knew where they could find one. Steven, along with his tout guide Armando decided to visit the Yturria ranch. The Yturria ranch had been deserted for nearly 150 years and was home to different kinds of wild animals. 

Since the ranch was not commonly seen as a hunting ground, most of the animals there roamed freely. Luckily, Steven got a chance to be among the few who got access to the ranch. The Yturria ranch does not have any human population but still has a railroad stop. Seeing how big the ranch is, Steven knew that it was going to be a good hunt. 

As he stepped out of his car, he was able to spot various wildlife that he had not expected to see in one place. The most shocking part for him was to see them roam freely without any sense of fear. He spotted whitetail deer, wild turkey, oryx, wild boar and others. While the ranch gave a lot of wildlife options, the one thing that Steven had his eyes on was Nilgai.

The Nilgais are antelopes native to the Indian subcontinent that were brought to Texas in the 1920s. The Yturria nearly had 30,000 of them and it wouldn't come as a surprise if one spotted them every now and then. Keeping this in mind, Steven thought it would be an easy game of hunt. Armando revealed that they were a bit expensive in price, but were often seen as an alternative to beef meat. 

Steven was eyeing on a Nilgai that was mature as he believed they had "more meat, bigger horns, and made a bigger rug for the living room." With this in mind, he started his hunt. While he managed to spot some Nilgai on his way, Steven knew it was not the right time to shoot their shot. 

He wanted to be close to them to ensure that the shot did not go to waste. He managed to find a Nilgai that had been feeding on some grass. As soon as he saw his chance, Steven fired a shot. He managed to fire another one just in time for the Nilgai to fall on the ground. As he reached near him, Steven knew that he had got his perfect hunt. 

He took the Nilgai back to his place and peeled off his skin. Meanwhile, he cut the flesh and organs in the hope to make a perfectly delicious meal out of it. He let the carcass stay overnight while he took the tongue, heart, and meat of the Nilgai to his friend who chopped some vegetables and turned the meat into a delicious meal. 

With just one bite, Steven knew that his efforts had paid off as he had tasted a wonderful meal made using Nilgai meat. 

'MeatEater' is streaming now on Netflix.

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