'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition': De'Von and Willie's nasty fight makes fans slam Shanda for her jealousy

'Shanda is that girl that talks sh*t to a man and expects her man to handle the aftermath'

                            'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition': De'Von and Willie's nasty fight makes fans slam Shanda for her jealousy
De'Von Waller, Shanda Denyce, Willie Taylor (WE tv)

The explosive fight between De'Von Waller and Willie Taylor on the latest episode of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' has everybody talking. It all began with the week's group exercise on jealousy. Dr Ish and Judge Toller wanted to see how the couples handled the jealousy in their relationship. So the couples were made to practise a very seductive and sensual dance routine, not with their partner, but with one assigned by Dr Ish.

Dr Ish assigned Willie Taylor to Hazel E and Shanda to Medina. But soon things started getting awkward when Hazel E started practising her dance moves on Willie. Shanda kept eyeing her husband and Hazel, and wasn't pleased with what she saw. After the practice, when the housemates were sitting at a table and discussing the performance, Shanda made snide remarks anout Hazel while her boyfriend De'Von Waller was within earshot.

Shanda called Hazel 'extra', and this annoyed De'Von. De'Von tried explaining to Shanda that his girlfriend was just doing the challenge and she wasn't 'extra'. But Willie got annoyed over De'Von addressing his wife while he was in the room, instead of directly talking to him. So, before we knew it, Willie and De'Von were at each other's throats.

After watching the ugly spat between the men, fans couldn't help but blame Shanda for it. A fan tweeted, "Shanda does have to learn though to not put her man in that situation. She was being messy too. She was talking loud to make sure Devon heard her, then jumped mad because he was defending his girl. If you’re not concerned, let it slide. #MarriageBootCamp #HipHopBootCamp." Another fan wrote, "#HipHopBootCamp Shanda is that girl that talks sh*t to a man & expects her man to handle the aftermath! Once Willie stepped in she should have stopped talking. Instead, she kept going & expected De’Von not to address her. She should have taken her issue up w/Hazel like an adult."

"So, it looks like Shanda got her dude messed up. She was talking reckless because she can't trust her man & Willie got slightly handled in the end because of it. Let's move on. #HipHopBootCamp," shared a fan. Another fan commented, "@WEtv #HipHopBootCamp SORRY SHANDA BUT U WAS JEALOUS U STARTED THE WHOLE FIGHT BETWEEN DE'VON AN WILLIE UR INSECURE, IF U CAN'T TRUST WILLIE ANNNNNND U KNOW HE IS A CHEATER THEN U SHOULDN'T BE WITH HIM." "Shanda should’ve just keep her mouth shut. That’s why her man got pushed to the oven  #HipHopBootCamp," pointed out a fan.

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