'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition': 'Toxic' Kurupt annoys Toni, upset fans tell her to 'break those chains'

Fans pointed out how 'miserable' Toni looked with Kurupt and felt that maybe it's time for her to leave him and move on

                            'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition': 'Toxic' Kurupt annoys Toni, upset fans tell her to 'break those chains'
Kurupt and Toni (WeTV)

'Dogg Pound' fame rapper Kurupt and his lady Toni are ruffling quite a few feathers on 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition'. The previous episode saw Kurupt getting heavily drunk and behaving inappropriately in front of the cameras, while Toni just stood in the sidelines and watched her man make a fool of himself. Despite being in a relationship for little over three years, the couple seem to be neck-deep in relationship issues.

From cheating to alcoholism, Kurupt is throwing every curveball at Toni, but she doesn't seem like she is ready to leave his side just yet. In the pilot episode, we saw Kurupt's cheating annoy Toni. In the latest episode, it is his drinking that gets under her skin. Kurupt insists on constantly drinking and doesn't really seem to pay any attention to his health, which clearly bothers Toni.

In the episode, we see her complaining about how he hasn't eaten anything for four days and only kept drinking. At the end of the day, instead of going straight to bed, Kurupt stays back and parties with the other girls in the house, which further triggers Toni. After watching how miserable and tired Toni looked while with Kurupt, fans felt that maybe it would be in her best interests to let go of Kurupt and take care of her health and well-being.

A fan tweeted, "Toni is one hell of a woman to be dealing with Kurupt, she looks so miserable with him and she still by his side wow... #HipHopBootCamp." Another fan wrote, "Out of all the women I feel so bad for Toni. #HipHopBootCamp." "Damn Toni love Kurupt but baby girl you can’t help somebody that do not want help! You can tell she is stressed over this!! #MarriageBootCamp," pointed out a fan.

Many fans advised her to leave Kurupt for her sake. A fan shared, "Everything about Toni screams 'toxic'. Her spirit needs an awakening because Kurupt appears to be dragging her down with him. Break those chains, ma’am. #MarriageBootcampHipHopEdition #MarriageBootcamp." Another fan expressed, "Toni Love, drop this boy! You deserve respect and peace and just the look on your face speaks tired and you deserve better!  #MarriageBootCamp."

"Toni looks so miserable with Kurupt...girl just leave him #HipHopBootCamp #MarriageBootcampHipHopEdition #marriagebootcamp," commented a fan. Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "Toni just looks so miserable & if she's as miserable as she looks just leave then. Kurupt looks unstable anyway #HipHopBootCamp #MarriageBootcampHipHopEdition."

'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' airs every Thursday at 9/8 c on We TV.

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