'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition': Was Hazel unaware of her pregnancy? Fans say 'she wanted a TV surprise moment'

'MBC' fans are convinced that Hazel feigned ignorance about her pregnancy just for the show

                            'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition': Was Hazel unaware of her pregnancy? Fans say 'she wanted a TV surprise moment'
Hazel-E (Getty Images)

Former 'Love & Hip Hop' star Hazel E finally revealed her pregnancy news on the latest episode of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition'. The reality star and her much younger boyfriend, De'Von, came on the show to ensure that they were together for the right reasons. Hazel's constant worry about De'Von's intentions and if he was just chasing clout, forced the couple to get in the hit reality show.

In the latest episode, we saw Hazel taking a pregnancy test and realizing that she is pregnant. Later she discovers some spotting and gets worried. Upon hearing the news of the reality star's spotting, the host of the show Dr Ish Major got worried and immediately sent the couple off to the hospital to get her health checked.

Dr Ish worried that it could either be a result of one of Hazel's earlier miscarriages or that she is indeed pregnant. After a few hours, when the couple finally returned to the villa, Dr Ish immediately pulled them aside to find out what's been happening with Hazel. Hazel then confirmed that she was pregnant. Dr Ish was happy on hearing the news, and then turned his attention to De'Von and asked him if he is ready to be a father.

De'Von says he is and looked excited about it. But Hazel was feeling very cautious since she is still in the very nascent stages of her pregnancy and didn't want to set herself up for disappointment in case anything goes wrong. Dr Ish empathized with her and advised her to be positive while suggesting De'Von to work on his anger issues for the sake of his family. 

While Hazel feigned ignorance about her pregnancy, fans however had a hard time believing that the reality star had no idea that she was pregnant. A fan tweeted, "Hazel knew she was pregnant because she wouldn't have been worrying about bleeding and besides she looked like she was #MarriageBootCamp."



Another fan wrote, "No way Hazel didn’t know she was pregnant w this weird shape #MarriageBootcamp."



"Hazel E knew she was pregnant but wanted a tv surprise moment. So predictable #marriagebootcamp," pointed out a fan.



"Hazel knew damn well she was pregnant she looked pregnant #marriagebootcamp," declared a fan.



"Hazel a** was smoking on camera and clearly looked hella pregnant but didnt know it? interesting #MarriageBootCamp," observed a fan.



'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' airs every Thursday at 9/8 c only on WE tv. 

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