'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition': De'Von signs Hazel's contract without reading, fans want him to leave her

'MBC' fans felt that De'Von should have just left Hazel instead of signing her management contract, which gives her 30 percent ownership of all his income

                            'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition': De'Von signs Hazel's contract without reading, fans want him to leave her
De'Von and Hazel E (WE tv)

Ever since Hazel E first came on 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' with her boyfriend De'Von, she always wondered if her much younger boyfriend was with her out of love or was just chasing 'clout'. While she was convinced that he was with her for 'clout', she also secretly hoped that De'Von was with her for love. Through the course of the show we saw De'Von be nothing but kind and respectful towards Hazel, but even that didn't convince the former 'Love & Hip Hop' star about his intentions.

When it was finally time for the lie-detector test, she already knew what she wanted to find out from her boyfriend. She straightaway asked him if he was with her just for the clout. Although De'Von answered in the negative, the lie-detector test, unfortunately, picked up some deception in his body language and declared that he was lying. When Hazel saw the result, she was angry and hurt.

She felt like she was taken advantage of by De'Von. She didn't know what to do, although she knew she loved him. So, she turned to her mother for advice. Her mother suggested Hazel not to leave De'Von, but to make him sign a management contract with her, where she takes 30% of whatever he makes through his career. Hazel loved the idea and decided to go with it.

During the ring ceremony when De'Von once again tried convincing her that he wasn't with her for clout, she surprised him by showing him the ring. But before she handed him the ring, she gave him the management contract and asked him to sign it if he wanted to be with her. De'Von happily signed it without even reading it. When fans saw that, they questioned his decision to sign a contract without reading. A fan tweeted, "DaVon is a special kind of stupid to sign that damn contract. #HipHopBootCamp."


Another fan wrote, "#MarriageBootCamp #MarriageBootcampHipHopEdition I can't believe Devon really f***ing signed that bull***t & disresoected himself like that! We know you aren't using her, you don't have to sign jack. You should have pulled a De'Andre and throw-launched her ring once you saw it."


"He don’t need to sign no damn management contract. De’Von stupid af for signing that s**t. She ain’t got no clout. She can’t help you with whatever she trying to help you with. You ain’t gone have no career because she can’t help you #MarriageBootcampHipHopEdition #HipHopBootCamp," commented a fan.


Many fans suggested that De'Von should have just left Hazel. A fan shared, "This is what your mom said, give him a contract lol this is stupid..., who career has she built... Devon leave while you still have your youth... how can you accept advice from someone that isn’t even in a real one #marriagebootcamp."


"At this rate, De’Von should have cut his losses. He can do so much better than Hazel-E. He’ll find out when he gets older," pointed out another fan.


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