'Mayans MC' Season 2 Episode 9: EZ's photographic memory leads to a breakthrough in the investigation of his mother's death

'Mayans MC' Season 2 Episode 9: EZ's photographic memory leads to a breakthrough in the investigation of his mother's death

Spoilers ahead for season 2 episode 9 'Itzam-Ye' of 'Mayans MC' 

Episode 9 of 'Mayans MC' cemented a theory that fans had been on for a while now. In fact, the last episode 'Kukulkan' also heavily hinted at the theory being true but 'Itzam-Ye' put it into words. After Bishop's (Michael Irby) meeting with the kings, Felipe (Edward James Olmos) arrives to meet his sons Angel (Clayton Cardenas) and EZ (JD Pardo) - he wants to talk to them about history. 

Felipe reveals that he knows about his sons digging into Ignacio Cortina - his true identity before he moved from Mexico with Marisol. The brothers look at each other surprised. He now takes them down memory lane. Felipe talks about his childhood and how he grew up in a very poor town with the Galindos. It was his grandmother who took in a bastard son of the family saving them from any humiliation or ostracization by the church. It was a favour that Jose Galindo never forgot. 

Twenty years later, he was a Federales on an undercover operation. But it didn't go smoothly leading to the death of two innocent people. Felipe had then thought his career was over. But no, "Jose Galindo made it all go away," he tells his boys. Which means he now owed Jose again. 


He tells the truth and now expects his sons to come clean too. EZ realizes that Emily (Sarah Bolger) must have told Felipe. They ask him what she found out, but he doesn't tell them and asks them to bring all the evidence to the house at night - Felipe has laid out some plans. "I made a promise that all parties would be there. We all have a different piece of the puzzle." He even manages to get Emily to the house with some ill-placed help from Dita (Ada Maris). She lays out everything she found in the family storage including the cheques that were signed by Dita. 

Here, Felipe confesses. He admits to having an affair with Dita after she lost her son. He admits that despite knowing it was wrong, he let it happen. He ended it, but Dita couldn't let go. Since he couldn't bring himself to trust Dita to not tell Jose Galindo, he left Mexico with Marisol and changed identities. At this point, he is still under the impression that Jose Galindo found out even it was 20 years too late, which happened to coincide with Miguel moving to the area. 


But this is far from the truth. 

Later in the episode, EZ rushes home looking for a photograph of a young Dita. He recalls seeing a woman lurking in the background at an amusement park that he is at with his parents and Angel. He recalls Felipe and Marisol kissing while a seemingly scorned woman watches them from behind. 

Everything fits in now. 

He realizes that Miguel never knew about Felipe and Dita's affair - it was Dita. Dita ordered the hit because she could never get over him. Felipe breaks down and apologizes to his sons. 

The cat is out of the bag now. With the finale upcoming next week, how will this go forward?

'Mayans MC' airs on Tuesdays at 10 pm ET/PT. 


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