'Mayans MC' episode 6 'Muluc': Emily is falling deeper into the pit she herself dug

There will probably be no one amongst us who hadn't seen this coming. Emily finds herself in trouble over her bribery plan.  

                            'Mayans MC' episode 6 'Muluc': Emily is falling deeper into the pit she herself dug

Spoilers ahead for episode 6 'Muluc' of 'Mayans MC'

Well, there will probably be no one amongst us who hadn't seen this coming. Emily (Sarah Bolger) finds herself in trouble over her bribery plan. In 'Muluc', Emily visits Ileana's motel room only to find out that she's been outbidded - a Chinese bidder has quoted the best price for the project. As it turns out, the Chinese bidder had submitted a substantially better deal for the city of Santo Padre than Emily's deal.

Emily can't understand how this happened since she ensured that her bid was the city's best option. She asks Ileana how the other bidders knew about her quote unless they had someone working for them on the inside. But just like Emily, Ileana doesn't know.

And that's when Emily's mind gets ticking: she thinks it is Ileana's assistant named Marlon who is the only one to have had access to the bids that are locked in Ileana's office.  She believes that he passed on the information to the Chinese bidders, which helped them out-bid Emily's offer. 

She prods further about Marlon but a nervous Ileana is sure that he can't be doing such a thing. But Emily is wild with fury and reminds her that since Ileana took her money, she now owes her to tell her everything she knows about Marlon. Emily's plan of action is that if she is able to prove that Marlon had accepted a bribe from the other bidder in order to manipulate the results then their bid is disqualified and the project will go to the second-best option - Emily's. 

She reaches out to Miguel (Danny Pino) for help. But he doesn't appreciate her showing up randomly. He has her sent out. But before she leaves, Emily shares a meaningful glance with EZ (JD Pardo). She then shows up at Felipe's (Edward James Olmos) butcher shop. This led us to believe that Emily was there to inquire about his relationship with Dita (Ada Maris). When instead, she is actually here to secretly meet EZ. 

Emily tells him that her bid is threatened because of the Chinese bidder bribing a clerk. When he asks her how she knows of this inside information, Emily covers up saying it was her friend who told her. She, obviously, doesn't tell EZ that she had also bribed someone. She tells EZ that she just wants him to threaten Marlon so he admits accepting the bribe - adding that she doesn't want him hurt and doesn't think he should do jail time over this. 

After winding up the MC business, EZ pays Marlon a visit. In a surprising twist, Marlon recognises EZ from high school when they used to play ball together. After exchanging pleasantries, Marlon asks EZ why he's there. EZ tells him it is regarding the agro park project, but Marlon doesn't want to discuss it. He asks him to leave the house, but EZ reiterates saying that the cops will put out his email and phone records, which will put him in jail. He tells Marlon that the only way out is to come clean. 

But Marlon realises who EZ is representing. He then calls Emily a "cartel whore", which lands him a punch from EZ. He asks Marlon to give him his phone and laptop because even a guy living in his mother's basement should be smart enough to know that things won't go his way. 

It seems like Marlon agrees, but when he turns around on the pretext of handling the laptop and phone, he removes a gun from the drawer. What follows is a bit of a scuffle between them for control of the gun. Marlon takes it, but when EZ hits him, he ends up shooting himself under his chin. 

This was completely unexpected this episode. But, one good thing is that Marlon's death could easily be deemed a suicide owing to the position of his dead body and the gun. However, if that doesn't work out, will this be traced back to EZ? Has he gotten himself into trouble over Emily?

'Mayans MC' airs on Tuesdays at 10 PM on FX. 


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