'Mayans MC' Season 2 Episode 3 preview: The Mayans gear up to avenge the death of their brother

'Mayans MC' Season 2 Episode 3 preview: The Mayans gear up to avenge the death of their brother

Spoilers ahead for Season 2 Episode 3 of 'Mayans MC' titled 'Camazotz' 

The official synopsis of episode three of season two 'Camazotz' reads: "The Mayans seek justice while Galindo's deal takes an unexpected turn south of the border."

A clip released by the network shows us that the main focus in the episode will be the Mayans' strife for revenge after the cops shot a sergeant-at-arms. As they are trying to flee the scene, they leave behind the woman and the mobile phone that was used to capture what had gone down there. 

The clip shows us President Bishop (Michael Irby) reviewing the clip and saying, "This has to be answered," before ending the meeting. And so, the Santo Padre and Stockton chapters of Mayans MC set out to hunt for the police officers who killed the sergeant-at-arms.

It is not going to be the first time that EZ has gotten involved in a police murder, excluding the fact that he also had an interaction with the cops before the murder - even seeing the vehicle they drove.


Could his photographic memory help the Mayans track the cops down and avenge the death of their brother? Yes. Would he shoot the cops himself? We can't tell — it looks like EZ's character arc might be meant for more interpersonal development this season. 

We are also shown a young woman passionately orating to the people of Mexico. It looks like she has a lot of perspectives to share with them. Miguel (Danny Pino) and Potter (Ray McKinnon) look on as she speaks to the people with a passion that is reminiscent of Adelita.

From the looks of it, the woman on the pedestal looks like an activist of sorts, but the crowd is not entirely made of supporters. The clip also shows us Potter telling Miguel to take care of her — looks like he is paranoid that she will be getting out of hand just like Los Olividados.

Potter is trying to get Miguel to do his dirty work, but Miguel has a deal with Adelita on the side, which is also threatened by Potter's plans and his mercenaries. 'Mayans MC' will be airing tonight at 10 pm EST on FX.



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