EXCLUSIVE | Maya Lynne Robinson talks about her exit from 'The Conners' and spills secrets about 'The Unicorn'

Shedding light on her character and delving deeper into the CBS series 'The Unicorn,' Maya Lynne Robinson spoke exclusively to MEAWW

                            EXCLUSIVE | Maya Lynne Robinson talks about her exit from 'The Conners' and spills secrets about 'The Unicorn'
Maya Lynne Robinson (CBS)

You may know Maya Lynne Robinson as Geena Williams-Conner from 'The Conners' but she has created quite a stir with her role as Michelle in the new CBS sitcom 'The Unicorn'. The show revolves around the life of Wade Felton (played by Walton Goggins) as his friends try to set him up with potential dates after his wife's death and Michelle plays one of his friend Ben's wife.

Shedding light on her character and delving deeper into the series, Robinson spoke exclusively to MEA World Wide (MEAWW) and here are excerpts from the interview:

What attracted you the most to the script of 'The Unicorn'?

I wanted to play Michelle for a bunch of reasons. The ability to play a really down to earth, southern stay-at-home mom of four children, who is in a loving marriage and lives an affluent life is special, especially as an African American woman. This role holds a lot of layers for me.

What is one similarity between your personality and your character Michelle in 'The Unicorn'? Tell us one thing viewers don't know about her yet.

I think Michelle and I are very similar in that we both tell it like it is, we are both loud talkers and have snappy comebacks. I think she’s a bit more forward than I am in delivery. What you will see soon is her vulnerability, which was so fun to play. What’s it like when she’s not anchoring these people or in control of her emotions is what you will see more of in upcoming episodes.

Maya Lynne Robinson as Michelle and Nicole Byer as Meg (CBS)

Michelle is calm and level-headed among Wade Felton's bunch of friends. Do you think she will be instrumental in helping him loosen up and become the ultimate matchmaker as the series progresses?

I hope she is instrumental in helping him loosen up, but so far, she provides Wade more with support to the girls and their caregiving. She has the ability to energetically juggle all the personalities and energies of all seven children, collectively.

How was it working with the cast and what is the one thing you would remember the most about the series?

It’s amazingly comfortable and familiar to play with this cast. We speak openly and honestly with one another about our thoughts and feelings. What I will remember most is the pilot and shooting the Mashnote scene together. It was the moment we all knew that this show could work and that we could trust one another to play and create. There are times we improv on the show and having that feeling of support really helps.

Maya Lynne Robinson of The Unicorn speaks during the CBS segment of the 2019 Summer TCA Press Tour (CBS)

You were also a part of 'The Conners' but recently you decided to leave the show. Was that a conscious decision and will you miss portraying the character?

There is a misconception that I left 'The Conners'. To be honest, I didn’t leave; I wasn’t asked back this season. It was their decision to go in a different direction and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to play with that amazingly talented cast. Hopefully, I get to go back for an appearance or two.

What's next for you? Tell us about your upcoming projects in the near future.

Currently, I am auditioning and writing a book about my life and how I followed the signs that lead me to this moment. I’m also in school online, getting a business degree, as I have a new production company and a non-profit for gifted children that I founded this year.

Created by Bill Martin and Mike Schiff, the series premiered in the fall of 2019 and airs every Thursday at 8:30 pm ET.

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