Mauricio Garcia: Allen mall shooter was security guard with no prior felony records but always acted 'unusual'

Mauricio Garcia: Allen mall shooter was security guard with no prior felony records but always acted 'unusual'
People hug as they visit the memorial for the victims of the mass shooting next to the Allen Premium Outlets on May 7, 2023, in Allen, Texas (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

ALLEN, TEXAS: The suspect who killed eight people at an Allen shopping mall has been identified as Mauricio Garcia, 33. He was gunned down by a police officer who was in the area attending a different call on Saturday, May 6, 2023. Among the many who were injured, at least three remained in critical condition as of Sunday, May 7. Some of the deceased and injured were reportedly children.

Garcia was seen coming out of his car before carrying out the massacre. He reportedly fired over 100 times. More ammunition was found in his car besides an AR-15 and a handgun he used during the shooting. Garcia is said to have been a security guard but it is unclear if he worked at Allen Premium Outlets, where the shooting took place. 


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Garcia was a White Supremacist or neo-Nazi who followed extremist ideologies, investigators believe, according to Daily Mail. It has been revealed that he left callers on his cell phone a strange voicemail greeting in which he obsessed about money. In a personalized message, he asked his parents for money and told his provider that his cell phone bill is already paid.


'If you’re my parents, please send money'

Garcia accused the federal government of not providing him with enough financial assistance. He also took a dig at the friends of the dead Dallas residents, if they owed him money, according to Daily Mail. "Hi, this is Mauricio. If you’re the phone company, I sent you the money, or if you’re my parents, please send money. If you are my financial aid institution, you didn’t lend me enough money, if you are a friend, you owe me money. And if you are a female, don’t worry, I have plenty of money," he said. It is unclear when the message was recorded. 

People protest against gun violence outside of the Cotton wood Creek Baptist Church on May 7, 2023 in Allen, Texas. A vigil is being held at the church for victims of the mass shooting in the Allen Premium Outlets mall on May 6th. According to reports, a shooter opened fire at the outlet mall, killing eight people. The gunman was then killed by an Allen Police officer that was responding to an unrelated call.
People protest against gun violence outside of the Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church on May 7, 2023, in Allen, Texas (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Sources that identify Garcia as the shooter revealed he was living in a motel nearby and working as a security guard. His parents' home was raided by authorities overnight, from where he had recently moved out. Neighbors said he was quiet but acted unusual. He had no serious criminal records. 

After leaving his parents' home, Garcia moved to a Budget Inn about 15 miles away. His parents' home is worth an estimated $275,000. It is reportedly a three-bedroom, two-bath 1,331 sq foot home, located on a tree-lined street. It is about 28 miles from the crime scene. 


'What a nightmare we have become'

Social media reacted to Garcia's arrest, with one user saying on Facebook, "Let’s wait and see what is found out from his computer and phone." "The tattoo is super popular here in Dallas and the killer has no prison record. Some people are just murderers. The truth is enough," another user said. "What a nightmare we have become," one user said. 

"Texas is truly in a state of dysfunction in ways more disturbing than usual this weekend First the massive carnage outside the Allen Outlets now the rundown in Brownsville. Its showing there is something lacking in the state of Texas as far as security is concerned," one user wrote.


Another said, "It's Texas , nothing will be done. Move on people. Oh yeah I forgot, thoughts and prayers." One wrote, "It makes me feel sick whenever a shooting like this occurs. No one should have to go through this. I feel like we’re trapped in a cage. If we want this to stop, we have to make it stop. Get on boards, run for office, demand more of your officials, raise money for services, etc. If we’re scattered, nothing will happen. Organizing is the only solution."

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 Who was Mauricio Garcia? 'Quiet' Allen mall shooter was security guard with no prior felony records