Matthew Perry's ex Kayti Edwards says he paid her to get drugs for him when she was five months pregnant

Around 2011, she was five months pregnant and was still getting drugs for him. 'He [would say], ‘No one’s going to pull over a pregnant girl. Don’t worry',' recalled Kayti Edwards

                            Matthew Perry's ex Kayti Edwards says he paid her to get drugs for him when she was five months pregnant
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'Friends' star Matthew Perry's ex-girlfriend recently opened up about how he once asked her to get him drugs while she was five months pregnant at the height of his addiction. 

Kayti Edwards, who stayed close to the actor in the 2000s even after their split, told The Sun that she agreed to collect drugs for Perry to protect him as he struggled with his drug problem. She added that she was delighted to hear Perry announce his engagement to fiancée Molly Hurwitz last week and that he now had gotten a lid on his addiction problem.

She began by describing having fond memories of him as he was unlike anyone she had ever met. "He's funny, easy-going, and I just felt really comfortable around him. We were buddies and loved hanging out," Edwards said. 

However, all of that changed during the days he was not himself due to the addiction. And she was forced to go meet dealers on his behalf because she wanted to stop him from “wandering around the streets” himself and getting caught. "At that point in his downfall, it was whatever I could get pretty much. I was like five months pregnant going down and getting stuff for him," she admitted. 

Around 2011 came the most harrowing phase because Edwards was pregnant and was still getting drugs for him. “He [would say], ‘No one’s going to pull over a pregnant girl. Don’t worry'," she said. “He would set it up and say, ‘Ok, go to this address and meet this person, they’re going to come out and hand you a bag’. I’d drive straight to him. We’d open the bag, sometimes it was pills, cocaine, sometimes it would be heroin and crack, it was just like a smorgasbord, you never knew what you were going to get.”

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She insists she never did drugs with the 51-year-old star but still wonders if she did the right thing getting drugs for him. “I look back and think, ‘What kind of friend was I?’ [But] I wanted to help him,” she said. “He’d give me this guilt trip like, ‘If you don’t get me this I’m just gonna go there myself and walk downtown'. I was like, ‘No, no, no, I’ll just do it for you’ because I didn’t want him in his state of mind to A, be driving, and B, be wandering around the streets."

"It was kind of weird, our relationship turned toxic. I couldn’t say no. Also I was making all this money, I just had to drive, pick it up, bring it to him, boom, sometimes three times a day, sometimes I made like $3/4,000 a day. He would always say to me, ‘Money is no object’. I was like, ‘Oh my God’.  Matthew could have retired years ago and he’d still be a millionaire, he’d always say, ‘I’m set for life’. But I think that he liked working,” Edwards recalled,

She also allegedly visited him while Perry filmed the TV show 'Mr Sunshine' at Paramount Studios in Hollywood and dropped off drugs on the set. “I remember I would go to Paramount, up to the gate, and I’d say, ‘I’m here to see Matthew',” she said. “I would drive through and he would just be in the trailer. I would think, ‘How can you be working right now?' [But] he wasn’t a functioning addict, you could see all over his face, he wasn’t fooling anybody.”

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Edwards claimed that Perry's 'Friends' co-stars, along with his inner circle at the time, started distancing themselves from him and he realized he had to seek help. “They didn’t want anything to do with him, he was kind of on the outs with them, only because they didn’t want to see him like that, it was really hard,” she said.

“His friends were doing fun stuff and hanging out, and he was never included because it was like, ‘How is Matthew going to show up?’ It was kind of embarrassing. There were times I’d be like, ‘How can somebody do this much stuff and not die’ … 80 Vicodin a day, that’s lethal,” Edwards recalled.

Perry has never hidden his long-time battle with addiction. He famously checked himself into rehab twice during his time on 'Friends'. The first was in 1997 to treat his addiction to prescription pills after getting hooked following a jet-ski accident. He returned in 2001 to deal with Vicodin, methadone, amphetamines and alcohol addictions.

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