Matthew McConaughey goes back to collect his high school diploma and moves crowd with amazing speech

Matthew McConaughey goes back to collect his high school diploma and moves crowd with amazing speech

Actor Matthew McConaughey had some very inspiring and moving advice for the Longview High School class of 2019 as they graduated on Friday, May 17. The 'Dallas Buyer's Club' actor, who is a 1988 alumnus of Longview returned to address the current class. He urged them all to follow their heart and to remember that it is the one thing that they must all protect with passion. As for receiving his original diploma, he had just one word, "Proof" he said, receiving it after 31 years.

Actor and 1988 Longview High School graduate Matthew McConaughey delivers the commencement speech at the school's graduation ceremony in Longview, Texas, on Friday, May 17, 2019. McConaughey has finally received his high school diploma, more than 30 years after graduating. (Les Hassell/The News-Journal via AP)

"Thirty-one years ago, I was you, a graduating Longview Lobo," he said. "The most important reason for my success and I believe what will be the most important thing for your success, the one thing that we all have that should never be for sale, the thing that we give the most of and should protect with our life — that thing is our heart." 


The 'True Detective' actor was presented with his original diploma, that he never got around to collecting, along with an autographed football by Longview players Kamden Perry and Jephaniah Lister as well as his own state championship ring. 

"I-20 brings you home," he said. "So as you go from here tonight and wherever you go for the rest of your life, wherever you are, I want you to ask yourself this question from now on: 'Man, what's my 20?' and know that it's your heart," he said referencing that the Interstate 20 that brought him to Longview from Austin, where he lived. McConaughey added, "Follow your heart, own your heart, make your heart your 20 at all times," he said, making a police reference. "What's your 20?" means "what is your location?" in cop slang.

 "Like the recent tornado that swung through here, it attacked, it broke a few hearts, but you will heal. You will rebuild. Why? Because you've got your heart. It's your 20," he said.

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