Elizabeth Smart and husband Matthew Gilmour are expecting their third child!

Elizabeth was kidnapped from her Utah home when she was 14. Nine months later she was rescued and since then she has chosen to be a child safety activist.

                            Elizabeth Smart and husband Matthew Gilmour are expecting their third child!
Matthew Gilmour and Elizabeth Smart (Source:Getty Images)

Elizabeth Smart and Matthew Gilmour are going to welcome another child! Elizabeth took to Instagram on Monday (June 25) to announce the good news with an ultrasound photo. “Pretty HUGE news!! We’re expecting baby #3 in November!!” she captioned the picture. She and Matthew are already parents to 3-year-old daughter Chloe and 14-month-old son James.

Talking to People, Elizabeth had previously mentioned that her family is her first priority. “My children have brought so much happiness and joy. To me, they’re the very definition of love,” she said. Nearly 15 years ago if someone asked Elizabeth if she would ever have a family she would have probably thought hard on that questions as she was kidnapped from her bedroom late one summer’s night in 2002. 

Elizabeth was then brutalized by her kidnappers for nine months before being rescued. Since then she has been actively working as a child safety activist. After being reunited with her family, her parents wrote a book titled 'Bringing Elizabeth Home' as they hoped it would help get closure with what had happened. “We wanted to put the misinformation to bed,” they told People. “The only way to let the truth be known was to tell it ourselves.”

After returning to her parents Elizabeth barely spoke about the abduction and was focused on getting her life back on track and starting fresh. At the same time, her parents never forced her to talk about it. “When she wants to talk about it, she will,” they said. “It’s not something we pursue.” At the time of her abduction, Elizabeth used to share a room with her sister, Mary Katherine. 

Meanwhile, Elizabeth wasn't allowed to step out alone. “She is never by herself,” said her mother Lois, It is hard to let her out of our sight.” Her dad Ed added, "It’s getting easier. Elizabeth always says, ‘Don’t worry, Dad, I’m going to be here.’ ” Recalling the incident, Ed said, "We awoke to the sound of a voice filled with fright—that of our nine-year-old daughter, Mary Katherine."

"Mary Katherine stood by Lois’ side of the bed, her head covered by her baby blanket. At first, we were certain it had just been a bad dream. [But] she went on, “A man came and took her. He had a gun.” He continued, " [We] ran from the room and down the stairs, flicking on every light switch. Lois’ eyes fell on the cut screen in the kitchen window, and she screamed in utter disbelief and shock. That’s when we both realized that Mary Katherine’s words had quickly become our worst nightmare. Our daughter Elizabeth was gone." While it is hard to forget the picture that was painted in the family after the abduction, they all are glad that Elizabeth was brought back safe and is now happily married and has her own family.