Watching Kelly Stafford pumping iron at 38 weeks pregnant is truly freaking inspiring

Kelly Stafford put her workout mode on as she decided to hit the gym while she is expecting her third child.

                            Watching Kelly Stafford pumping iron at 38 weeks pregnant is truly freaking inspiring
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There is nothing that can stop her! Kelly Stafford was spotted hitting the gym while she is 38 weeks pregnant. As reported by TMZ, Kelly hit up Elite Training USA and put on her workout shoes and did not shy away from doing battle ropes to deadlifts. She clearly is in her full form. At the same time, her husband, Matt has been working pretty hard too. He is currently gearing up for the NFL season with the Detroit Lions. The pair, which is already proud parents of twins, took to Instagram to announce that they were expecting another child. Sharing a picture which the pair took at the beach, Kelly and Matt beamed with happiness as they each held their children on their shoulders. 

"Well, it’s too tough to keep this secret any longer. We thought we had a plan until I found out a few days before Christmas, that God had a different one. I enjoyed getting to surprise Matthew on Christmas morning with some news he was for sure not expecting. We are excited to announce that we will be adding another baby to the family!" read the post. Fans were quick to congratulate the pair on this happy news. 

"My mom always says to people with lots of kids “you know what causes that don’t you? A happy marriage!" wrote one fan. Another added, "Congrats to the Stafford family! More babies are a blessing." One fan even shared her happy news as the comment read, "Congrats! We have ID girls and are expecting our third in August as well! But they will be 23 months apart rather than 17. You got this mama!!"

The couple revealed that they had conceived their third child using IVF. Kelly even shared a throwback of her while she was pregnant with the twins and shared with her fans that she and her husband were grateful to have another chance of experiencing parenthood. 

Two years ago today, Matthew and I’s journey to parenthood began. We are so beyond grateful for the science behind IVF and what it has brought to our lives. For anyone going through this, remember you aren’t alone and keep the faith!! #ivf #ivftwins," she captioned the picture which showed her lying on the hospital bed. After hearing the story, Kelly's fans were quick to comment with their own stories with regard to IVF treatment. 

"My brother and his wife will welcome their IVF baby within the month. 5 years of infertility and FINALLY they will get to be parents! They are both HUGE Lions fans and your journey inspired them to not give up," wrote one fan. Another added, "I have boy/girl twins through IVF. I’m so thankful for the technology that helps us infertile couples. Now I just hope and wish for more insurances to help. I’m from Michigan and had to pay 100% out of pocket. Not an easy thing but very blessed in the end."

Meanwhile, another fan added, "I was almost in the same boat around the same time. I couldn't do it. But now I am a proud foster parent to a 6-month-old and almost 1 year old. They are my world...even when they get cranky at bedtime." Kelly has always kept her fans updated on her pregnancy journey and her workout regime during this is also no different.