Did Matt James 'violate' Serena P during sex-based tantric yoga? Fans dub 'The Bachelor' star 'creepy predator'

'Serena is a sweetheart and she’s too good... she’s here to be a WIFE not go on silly sex yoga dates #thebachelor,' an angry fan commented

                            Did Matt James 'violate' Serena P during sex-based tantric yoga? Fans dub 'The Bachelor' star 'creepy predator'
Serena P told Matt James that she did not like tantric yoga and that this would be her 'first and last time' trying it (ABC)

The suitresses on Season 25 of 'The Bachelor' are going to great lengths to impress Matt James. But, that wasn't the case with Serena P on tonight's, February 15, episode, as she blatantly told him how much she disliked performing tantric yoga, which had them doing certain sex-based positions.

Matt asks for a second one-on-one with Serena P as he wanted to know where their relationship was headed. The 23-year-old couldn't have been more excited to go on a second date with the ultimate bachelor, but she just couldn't come to terms with tantric yoga, especially with Matt, as they are yet to take the next stage in their relationship. 


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Fans thought that Serena looked extremely uncomfortable throughout the yoga session and it almost seemed like she was made to do it forcefully. Once it concluded, Matt asked her if she enjoyed it. At this point, Serena tells him she didn't and it would be her "first and last time" with tantric yoga. 

Matt, however, tells Serena that he felt more connected with her after their recent yoga date, but Serena couldn't disagree more. In no time, fans took to Twitter to suggest that Matt may eliminate Serana for not liking a sex-based activity with him. But, much to everyone's surprise, Matt gives her a rose after their dinner date and praises her for being honest. He decides to take her to the next week, during which he'll be meeting with her family. 

Serena accepts the rose and tells Matt that she's excited about her family meeting him. But, the majority of the fans seem to be irked with Serena and Matt's yoga date, as they have slammed him for not asking her consent for an activity that made her extremely uncomfortable. 


One tweeted, "Love when the Bachelor perpetuates rape culture.... he did not ask for consent at all in that yoga date omg that’s so fucking yucky AND HE DOESNT EVEN REALIZE HE VIOLATED HER" Another added, "I love that Serena was honest. I wouldn’t personally want to do tantric yoga on a first or second date either. You can want intimacy without wanting it right away and you can still find love without wanting to straddle someone on national TV. #TheBachelor " One tweeted, "Maybe if you didn't seem like a creepy predator during yoga..." Another noted, "Serena is a sweetheart & she’s too good ... she’s here to be a WIFE not go on silly sex yoga dates  #thebachelor"




'The Bachelor' airs on Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC. 

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