Matt Gaetz’s $900 Venmo transactions to Joel Greenberg were sent to 3 teen girls: 'Final nail in his coffin'

The report alleges that the duo connected with an 18-year-old teen, who currently works in the 'porn industry'

                            Matt Gaetz’s $900 Venmo transactions to Joel Greenberg were sent to 3 teen girls: 'Final nail in his coffin'
The internet thinks there's no saving Matt Gaetz and Joel Greenberg from this scandal (Facebook, Getty Images)

The latest revelations in the Matt Gaetz controversy include accused sex trafficker Joel Greenberg’s alleged Venmo transactions with “three teens”, raising eyebrows yet again. According to The Daily Beast, Gaetz had allegedly sent Greenberg $900 via Venmo in 2018. The next morning, the latter allegedly made three separate transactions on Venmo to send “three young women varying sums of money”. The transitions reportedly amounted to $900. 

The reports reveal the memo field for the first transactions between Greenberg and Gaetz was allegedly titled “Test” and second, “hit up ___.” Gaetz had reportedly written a “nickname” for one of the teen girls, but the outlet has refused to reveal it as she turned 18 “less than six months” ago. During his Venmo transaction with the girls, Greenberg named the memos as ‘Tuition’, ‘School’ and ‘School respectively’, according to reports. 


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Representative Matt Gaetz (Getty Images)


The report alleges that the duo connected with an 18-year-old teen who currently works in the “porn industry”. This information was reportedly provided by one of her friends. The Daily Beat report reads, “Gaetz and Greenberg are both connected through Venmo to this then-18-year-old girl—who now works in the porn industry, according to a friend of the girl."

“And on Thursday, Greenberg’s attorney and prosecutors indicated during a court hearing that they expect Greenberg to strike a plea deal, likely meaning he plans to cooperate with investigators,” it states further. 

The reports have also established that Gaetz and Greenberg connected on Venmo “to at least one other woman that Greenberg paid with taxpayer funds using a government-issued credit card.” More than $300,000 had been flagged “suspicious or unaccounted expenses” by the Seminole county auditors. 

On learning about the recent developments in Gaetz and Greenberg's ongoing sex trafficking scandal, many Twitter users have noted that it's time GOP acted against the politician. Meanwhile, a considerable number of them have made fun of Gaetz for carrying out the alleged transaction to the teen girls via Greenberg via Venmo. 

One tweeted, "Matt Gaetz is toast. These venmo payments are the final nail in @RepMattGaetz's coffin." Another added, "WHAT AN IDIOT. Matt Gaetz Venmo’d $900 to accused sex trafficker pal -- who passed it on to three teen girls: report" One tweeted, "Matt Gaetz is an absolute creep. Me and my better angels are all popping popcorn for that man to finally be held accountable. #Venmo" One user joked, "I’m beginning to wonder if @mattgaetz avoided using cash because he actually thinks cash leaves a paper trail because it’s made of paper, but since Venmo is digital... NO PAPER!!" Another added to the above messages, "I never thought I would say this but Matt Gaetz is actually as dumb as Donald Trump. Venmo to pay a sex trafficker? Stupid motherf*****.






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