‘Master of Illusion’ Season 7: Release date, format, host, trailer and all you need to know about The CW magic show

‘Master of Illusion’ Season 7: Release date, format, host, trailer and all you need to know about The CW magic show

Although we know that magic is nothing more than illusion and quick hand-movements, we still show up to watch magic shows wondering at the amazing illusions and optics shown to us. Gone are the days when magic meant just pulling a bunny out of the hat, to pulling out never-ending yarn from the sleeve. In 'Masters of Illusion', we see famous magicians showing off some of their best tricks.

Release date

'Masters of Illusion' Season 7 is all set to premiere on Friday, May 15, at 8 pm on The CW. All the remaining episodes can be watched on following Fridays at 8 pm.



A lineup of some of the best magicians in the world come together on 'Masters of Illusion' to perform some mind-boggling tricks, which will leave you wondering if magic really exists! In the previous seasons, these tricks, which usually involve optical illusions and deceptions, were performed in front of a live audience. Although, we wouldn't be surprised if Season 7 will not feature any live audience due to ongoing pandemic.



Dean Cain arrives at "Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer" Premiere at Saban Theatre on October 9, 2018, in Beverly Hills, California. (Maury Phillips/Getty Images)

The show is hosted by actor/magician Dean Cain. Cain has hosted all the previous seasons of 'Masters of Illusion'. Prior to taking on the role of host-presenter, he was popular for his role in the TV show, 'Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman'. He played the role of Clark. He also appeared in the popular TV series 'Hit the Floor'. Aside from Cain, several other magicians will feature on the show. The names of these magicians haven't been disclosed yet. 



'Masters of Illusion' has been executive produced by David McKenzie, Gay Blackstone, David Martin, Al Schwartz and  Jim Romanovich.


The show's official trailer hasn't been released yet. Keep tuned to this space for further updates.

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