‘MasterChef US': Fans rage as Noah gets to stay despite poor performance while two talented home chefs get eliminated

‘MasterChef US': Fans rage as Noah gets to stay despite poor performance while two talented home chefs get eliminated

For the first time in ‘MasterChef’s’ history, the top six contestants were flown all the way to London, to showcase their culinary finesse at none other than three Michelin star restaurants- Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. As the home cooks were beginning to take in the stunning London landscape, the judges- Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Aarón Sánchez make an entrance. They reveal that the participants would be divided into two teams and their challenge was to cook appetizers and entrees at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay for 36 distinguished judges, ranging from previous MasterChef UK winners to Gordon’s family.

Gordon reveals that he was taking a huge risk by handing over the reins of his beloved kitchen at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay to the six contestants and asks them not to ruin the reputation of the place which took him 21 years to build! Since the stakes are so high, he himself divides the home cooks into two teams. The red team headed by Nick DiGiovanni comprised of Shari Mukherjee, and Subha Ramiah. The blue team was made up of Dorian Hunter, Noah Sims and led by Sarah Faherty.


Red team-Shari, Subha and Nick. Blue team- Sarah, Dorian, and Noah (photo by: Matt Frost/FOX)

Gordon then demonstrates the appetizers and entrees that the teams must prepare and serve. This week’s menu had scallops and langoustine as appetizers and steak, duck and beef as entrees. The teams quickly get to their workstations to whip out the dishes for the guests.

Chef/Judge Gordon Ramsay demonstrates how to cook the appetizers and entrees (photo by Matt Frost/FOX)

Unfortunately, the red team messes up with their appetizers. Shari who was responsible for scallops ends up overcooking most of them, which Gordon refuses to allow them to be served at his restaurant. Soon, the red team ran out of scallops and had to serve only langoustines to the remaining guests. While Subha had trouble with cooking his langoustines, as most of them were raw. Nick was helping them with plating and ensuring that everything was running smoothly. On the other hand, the blue team’s Dorian brought her A-game and knocked the challenge out of the park with her brilliant cooking. Noah too put up a decent performance, which led to the team receiving appreciation from Gordon.


Once the appetizers were served to all the guests, the home cooks begin with whipping up entrees. In the red team, Subha was given the task of cooking beef, while Shari was handling steak and duck. Nick’s plans for the team worked out well, and the team managed to deliver what was expected of them. Everything was going very smoothly until one of the diners at the MasterChef UK winners table complains that her beef was tad bit overcooked and returns the dish.

The blue team, on the other hand, had a very confident Noah placing himself with the responsibility of cooking beef and Dorian had to handle duck. Dorian again outdid herself, while Noah’s meat was undercooked. No matter how many times Noah tried to get his meat cooked properly, he just couldn’t get it right, risking his team into elimination. Finally, Dorian takes up the charge and helps Noah with his dish and saves the day for the blue team.

Subha and Shari have been eliminated (photo by Matt Frost/FOX)


After some deliberation, the judges announce the blue team as the winners. They add a twist and reveal that only two members from the red team would be eliminated instead of all three. The two home chefs who were sent packing are- Subha and Shari. Shari’s scallops fiasco and Subha’s overcooked beef led to them both to be kicked off the show, while captain Nick was saved for his excellent leadership skills.

Fans unhappy about the judges' decision to put Noah in the safe zone (photo by: Matt Frost/FOX)

Fans were angry about Noah being safe, despite performing very poorly in the challenge. Through the season, he was boasting about his amazing culinary skills with cooking beef. But in the challenge when he had to cook beef he couldn’t deliver. This isn’t the first time, Noah talked big and failed to live up to it. In an earlier episode’s challenge where they had to grill their meat, he spoke a lot about his master-level skills with grilling but fell flat when he had to display his skill. A fan wrote, “This guy swears he can cook the best steak yet he fumbled tonight hard and has had overcooked steak in other episodes...he shld stop bragging and focus #masterchef”. Another fan commented, “#masterchef Subha and Shari go, and Noah, who failed in EVERY level this challenge, couldn't even cook beef himself, gets to stay???”. “#MasterChef It's so BS that both Subha and Sherry leave while Noah stays when he should have gone. Noah is so overrated and clearly one of the judges favorites”, pointed out an irate fan.


Do you think Noah should have been eliminated after his performance in today’s episode?



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