'MasterChef' season 10 participant Subha Ramiah says 'food, passion and all things culinary' is what gets him going on cooking show

In an exclusive interview with MEAWW, Ramiah shares about his passion for cooking, his journey and the experience of being part of the reality show.

                            'MasterChef' season 10 participant Subha Ramiah says 'food, passion and all things culinary' is what gets him going on cooking show

Subha Ramiah, one of the top 14 contestants on popular culinary reality show ‘MasterChef’ won the hearts of many through his calm and composed attitude. Despite being marked as an underdog, he always maintained a very low-profile and stuck to doing what he does best - cooking - and didn’t let the drama around him get to him. In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide, Ramiah shared where he got his passion for cooking, his experience on being a part of the show, and his future post-MasterChef.

Subha Ramiah (Instagram)


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am a 55-year-old home cook from West Nyack, New York. I believe “Food is thy Medicine and Medicine is thy food”. I am a senior technology executive and a passionate fusion home cook. I learned cooking from my mom at the age of 11. My mom who you saw in Masterchef episode 1 is an amazing pillar and inspiration in my life. I was born and brought up in Chennai, India. 


How did your interest in cooking begin?
When I was around 11, I helped my mom in the kitchen. My mom taught me many traditional south Indian Tamil food preparation and recipes and techniques. My mother always said, “When you cook, don't think about yourself...always think and prepare the food thinking about the taste and preference of for guests you are cooking for!”.

How has your journey on MasterChef been so far?
Masterchef Season 10 has been one of the best things that has happened for me and my family. From the casting process all the way to filming the show, it has been an incredible journey of learning, growing and competing. I am able to learn new skills, learn from the amazing cast and the 3 superstar judges. Throughout the journey, they push you by providing amazing challenges and advise you to learn and grow.

Many fans see you like an underdog and believe that they should put their money on you. How do you feel about the overwhelming support?
When I signed up for the show, I had no idea what the competition would be, how far I would go or how many fans I would inspire. With my success getting the coveted white apron in the current season, I set up IG/FB profiles and started to share some of my recipes, food, and passion. My followers have been growing by about 10-20/day and it has been a surreal surprise the love and affection they have poured on me! I would advise all fans to tune in each week and cheer us all! We work hard to compete ... the cheers and encouragement are what gives us the energy!!!


After the tag challenge, many fans reacted very strongly to the way Dorian treated you, you later put up an Instagram status clearing up the air. Can you please tell us what exactly happened between Dorian and you? What is your relationship with her now?
As I explained on Instagram, this has been the most difficult competition I have ever competed in my entire life. You need mental, physical, spiritual energy and stamina to accomplish each task and activity.

Over many MasterChef seasons, many amazing cooks and talented chefs have cracked under pressure. It gets to you.  
Dorian and I have been very close since getting into the Top 20. Inside the Masterchef kitchen, we are competitive, and outside, we respect each other. Each of us come from a very different background and experience. When Nick paired us, I was confident we could win that. I was able to use my meditation, breathing to lower my stress and stay with a positive attitude... well you saw the rest. We hugged and spoke after the challenge ended outside the kitchen.
Dorian and I texted and talked about that episode, each of us took away our learnings good/bad. I always pick the good and learn from the bad and move on to be a better person. Many fans have learned this technique watching this episode and thanked me for showing wisdom on national reality TV. We forgive, forget and move on with life. Masterchef, food, passion and all things culinary is what unites all of us all and I am grateful for that. 


Can you also tell us about what are your plans post MasterChef? 
Post competition, my passion is to help people realize “Food is thy Medicine and Medicine is thy Food”. There are tons of ideas and actions I can pursue. Fusion fine dining has always been in my mind since my MBA project in 2007, which was a business case for opening a unique fine dining restaurant in Singapore. Whatever I decide to do, I know I will have the support of Gordon, Aaron & Joe and my entire Masterchef family and most of all the incredible millions of fans who love food, friends, and family.