'MasterChef' judge Joe Bastianich helps contestant Renee salvage her pasta from the trash can and fans are disgusted

The July 24 episode had celebrity guest Chef Morimoto judging the Alaskan King Crab dishes prepared by participants. Renee had some trouble in making her dish. Here's all you need to know about her pasta troubles

                            'MasterChef' judge Joe Bastianich helps contestant Renee salvage her pasta from the trash can and fans are disgusted

'MasterChef' returned to our television screens on Wednesday, July 24, with a special appearance by celebrity guest chef Masaharu Morimoto, also known as the Iron Chef. Chef Morimoto was on the show to offer a masterclass to the participants on how to extract the juicy meat off the Alaskan King Crab.

Considering that the Alaskan King Crab is pricey meat going up to $500, it was imperative that the participants learned how to extract every bit of the meat. The masterclass was followed by an immunity challenge. The winner of the immunity challenge would be safe from the elimination round. The challenge was to create a dish using the crab meat while retaining the flavor of the crab.

The participants barely had any time to plan their dish, so they scrambled about quickly cooking the best dish they could. The chaos provided the perfect fodder for drama, with Nick initially trying to prepare a sushi burger using rice as his buns. His plan suffered an epic fail, and he had to start working on another dish from scratch.

Judge Joe Bastianich helping Renee with her pasta (Greg Gayne/ FOX)

Renee too had trouble cooking her dish. She wanted to prepare pasta but had a tough time getting pasta from her pasta maker. At one point she got so frustrated that she threw her pasta into the trash. Joe, one of the judges, immediately came to her rescue and helped her salvage her dish. Fans were both disgusted and amused with Joe and Renee’s decision to salvage the pasta from the trash.

A fan wrote, "Eww did Renee just pick the pasta from the trash #MasterChef. Disgusting." Another fan commented, "That is so gross, he pulled it out of the trash. Wouldn't eat that pasta." Few other fans made light of the situation by tweeting, "Joe knew damn well they weren't going to pick Renee's dish to taste that's why he let her make her trash pasta. #MasterChef." Another fan wrote, "Joe is officially a softie. There's a special place in hell for you if you serve me pasta straight from the trash. #Masterchef."

Fred won the challenge with his dish — King Crab stuffed lanterns with crab and fennel broth. The judges loved his presentation and Chef Morimoto declared him the winner. Fred was in for an added surprise when he was told that he would be dining with Chef Morimoto as a winning prize.
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