'MasterChef' season 10 fans question blue team's controversial win in 'Gerron's Wedding' episode

'MasterChef' season 10 fans question blue team's controversial win in 'Gerron's Wedding' episode

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey is known for his infamous temper and the usage of colorful abuses towards his participants on the reality show 'MasterChef'. The episode on July 17 was no different. The participants were given a challenge of cooking a feast for 45 people in 90 minutes.

What made the challenge special and stressful for the contestants is that the feast is for the wedding of ‘MasterChef’ season 9 winner Gerron Hurt. While the wedding ceremony was a smooth affair with Gordon officiating the wedding, the participants in the kitchen had a very stressful day cooking up a fantastic feast.

The participants were split into two teams — blue and red. The judges chose Bri to captain the blue team and Wuta for the red team. Bri chose a very strong team and had a clear plan in her mind about the dishes to be served, while Wuta just let things run their course and took the "hands-off" approach towards the entire challenge.

Bri and Wuta, the captains of blue and red teams in 'Gerron's Wedding' episode (Greg Gayne/ FOX)



Wuta didn’t even help his team in picking out the dishes for the challenge. He let the team members decide what they wanted to cook. This led to a lot of confusion and mess in the kitchen for the team. On the other hand, the blue team had participants locking horns with each other over who would be cooking which dish, especially meat.

Sam and Renee, two members of the blue team argued about the way the meat was to be cooked. Renee eventually turned to Bri for support. Bri favored Sam's opinion and let Sam take control of meat. Renee was upset about this and made it a point to whine about it throughout the episode.

This could have been the perfect opportunity for Sam to show off his meat-cooking skills but instead, it fell flat in the face. The meat is served raw to the judges, and to make things worse, it had bits of string in it. Gordon gets furious and blasts the entire blue team and basically takes over and cooks the meat himself. The red team too serves undercooked meat but did not receive any help from Gordon apart from a very strongly worded feedback, and a spot in the next elimination round.


Fans were quick to point out that both teams served undercooked meat, but only one team received help from Gordon and that team won. They felt that it was unfair. A fan wrote, "#masterchef I don't understand how the blue team won especially after chef Ramsey took over and saved them from serving raw meat. He totally saved them."

Another fan echoing similar thoughts commented, “The blue team won but Chef Ramsey finished cooking the steak. So did they really win? #MasterChef." Fans seemed unhappy about the blue team's win because of Gordon's help. "How is it that chef Ramsey stepped in, and took control and helped out the blue team who could've crashed just as bad or worse than the red team and you all did not give the same consideration to the red team ?" wrote another unhappy fan.

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