'MasterChef' Season 10: Fans think Subha is on the show because he cooks up more comedy than dishes

Contestant Subha is under the spotlight once again after he goofed up by charring chicken and put his team at risk. Fans are left wondering if he will be eliminated for bad cooking or retained for some spice

                            'MasterChef' Season 10: Fans think Subha is on the show because he cooks up more comedy than dishes

In episode 16 aired on August 7, the home cooks had to whip up 100 plates of wholesome food for NASCAR drivers and the pit crew. The cooks immediately split up into teams of two - the Red team was headed by Micah and had Jamie, Sarah, Dorian, and Subha. The blue team was captained by Shari and had Bri, Nick, Noah, and Fred. The Red team immediately came up with a plan on what they wanted to serve and assigned specific tasks to each of the members. Considering, Subha’s long-standing history of poor performances in team challenges, Micah devised a plan to just handle Subha from creating any trouble.

Since Subha’s strength lies in his flair for giving the right flavor to each dish, Micah decides to assign him the task of preparing polenta. Jamie notices that Subha was having trouble with polenta, so he immediately takes over and asks Subha to finely chop the herbs.

Just, as the red team began heaving a sigh of relief that they averted a crisis, Subha goes ahead and manages to char the chicken. In his defense, Subha was just trying to help, but unfortunately, that didn’t end well. At one point he mistakes olive oil for sauce. The poor guy can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to team challenges. But in the end, the red team manages to present a great platter and ends up winning the competition. The judges throw a curveball at Micah and ask him to nominate one of his teammates for the elimination round. Fans are speculating that Subha might be nominated by Micah.

Contestant Subha (Photo by: Michael Becker/ FOX)

Many fans are appalled by how far Subha has come along on the competition despite repeatedly making blunders like serving spicy desserts or charring chicken - he has done it all. At this point, fans strongly suspect that the creators have kept him on the show for reasons other than his culinary skills. A fan wrote, “I genuinely believe Subha was placed in this competition as some type of spy with the mission of throwing everyone off cuz there's no way someone can be this consistently bad. #MasterChef.” Another fan believes that Subha will survive another week because he provides so much entertainment. A fan wrote, “Subha survives another week. Probably not the best for the talent pool, but the best for entertainment purposes.” “Okay, I’m just gonna say it. Subha is the laughing stock of this competition that, in 9 weeks, will be crowned Masterchef Season 10 winner #MasterChef #fightme”, tweeted a fan.

Do you think that Subha is on the show just for providing entertainment? Let us know. Tune in to MasterChef season 10, on Wednesday and Thursday nights, at 8/7c on Fox.

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