'MasterChef' season 10 finale: Fans root for Dorian Hunter to become the first black woman to take the trophy home

Fans are rooting for Dorian Hunter to be the 'MasterChef' season 10 winner. If she wins the competition, it will make her the first black woman to take home the coveted trophy.

                            'MasterChef' season 10 finale: Fans root for Dorian Hunter to become the first black woman to take the trophy home

‘MasterChef’ season 10 contestant Dorian Hunter has always been a strong contender on the show. When she first presented her “drunken cake” to judges during the audition, Gordon had a bite and immediately declared that she was the one to “watch out for”.

This 45-year-old creeler managed to live up to Gordon’s expectations with her passion for cooking and consistently performed well on the show. Throughout the show, Dorian has been extremely vocal about how challenging and difficult she’s finding it to be on the show. When she first walked into ‘MasterChef’ kitchen we saw a talented cook with loads of potential but sadly she wasn’t confident about herself. But through the course of her time on the show, we saw her evolve as a confident and assertive chef, who isn’t afraid to take risks and make bold choices. This makes her one of the top picks for the winner.

So, it’s no wonder that fans are predicting that this southern lady might be the winner of this season. If Dorian does win the competition, then she’ll be the first black woman to win the ‘MasterChef’ title.

Dorian (photo by: Michael Becker/ FOX)

Fans too have taken to their Twitter to extend their support to Dorian. A fan tweeted, “Anyways, Dorian should win #MasterChef. She's had an excellent, consistent run, and can cook and bake really well. And I'll always root for minorities over privileged white people. Get it, Dorian.” Another fan wrote, “Dorian and Sarah have been in my picks for the finale since the top 12. Sarah was my pick to win it all, but now I'm thinking Dorian is going to take it all. #MasterChef”.

Despite all the hardships and curveballs thrown at her, Dorian never bowed down and faced the challenge head-on. Fans love that about her. A fan shared, “When #Dorian said she didn’t have the money to experience these types of dishes .. In my books you’re the #winner @MASTERCHEFonFOX #MasterChef #masterchefusa”. Currently, her biggest competitor on the show is Nick, so fans are hoping that she manages to outshine him to win the trophy. As a fan pointed out, “My baby girl, Dorian, keeps excelling. Her competition now is Nick, Sarah is slight work! Bring the trophy home for black women! #Masterchef”.
 Catch the two-hour special finale of ‘MasterChef’ season 10, at 8 pm ET/PT only on Fox.

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