'MasterChef’: Fans smell foul play and bias as Jamie is sent home for one error but Bri is still in the competition

Episode 19, Season 10 aired on August 15 saw Jamie getting eliminated after performing poorly in a challenge while Bri who performed equally badly for the past four consecutive challenges is still in. Fans wonder if the show is rigged.

                            'MasterChef’: Fans smell foul play and bias as Jamie is sent home for one error but Bri is still in the competition

Bri Baker has earned herself the title ‘Plating queen’ for her excellent plating skills. Her plating skills are not proportional to her cooking skills, or so it seems based on the past few episodes of the culinary reality show. The young cocktail waitress has been consistently at the bottom and has managed to wriggle her way out of every elimination round.

In season 10’s episode 19, which aired on August 15, we witnessed the home chefs fighting it out to secure a place themselves in the competition. The participants had to cook a sausage-based dish. While all the contestants took a stab at making the best sausage-based dish with the sausage as the star of the show, Bri put all her energy into making pasta from scratch and just placed a simple garlic sausage on it. Despite Gordon telling her to add some flavor to the bland dish, Bri doesn’t do much about it. When the judges taste her dish, they complain about how she played it a bit too safe and didn’t experiment much with flavors. She returns to her station in tears.

'MasterChef' contestant Jamie (photo by: Greg Gayne / FOX)

Jamie, a strong contender and an excellent cook who has consistently been on top of his game, had a rough day in the kitchen. He struggled with his dish, but in the end, he managed to present the judges with cajun sausage with fried okra and red beans and rice. The judges immediately critiqued his presentation, saying that the dish looked very messy. When they took a bite of the sausage, they remarked how dry it was and seemed overall unhappy with the dish. All the other contestants got positive feedback. It was time for the judges to decide who would be getting the boot.

They come back and reveal that it was time for Jamie to go home. Fans were all appalled and shocked by the announcement. Almost everybody was rooting for Bri to go home, since she has consistently been messing up her dishes and been at the bottom consecutively for the past four challenges, and she didn’t receive good feedback from the judges either. On the other hand, Jamie has always been good at his craft and messed up for the first time.

Fans reacted very strongly and started speculating that something is fishy. A fan wrote, “Why is Masterchef taking the competition out of this show? 4 weeks in a row now Bri has been saved by crying. Jamie made one bad dish and he went home but she didn’t even do the challenge and is saved? Which one of y’all is she screwing?” Another fan shared, “Another week Bri @theplatingqueen is still on @MASTERCHEFonFOX!!!! She sucks 4 damn weeks in a row on the bottom is telling you guys something! I don't even want to watch anymore unless its Bri going home!! Maybe she'll be hired for only plating #onlythingshesgoodat”. Fans feel that it is unfair that the talented chefs like Fred and Jamie are sent home while Bri is still in the competition.



A fan tweeted, “#MasterChef @theplatingqueen needs to be sent home already, enough w/ the crying it’s ridiculous, what is she 5 yrs old? It seems all she can do is plate, Subha is mocked but cooks great food! They need 2 bring back Jaimie n Fred somehow, not fair they went home n she keeps staying”. “SHE’S BEEN IN THE BOTTOM FOR HOW MANY WEEKS NOW. YOU’VE LOST 2 GREAT HOME COOKS ALREADY (FRED AND JAIME) AND THEY ARE WAY BETTER THAN BRI. JUST AN OPINION. PLEASE BRING BACK JAMIE. @MASTERCHEFonFOX #masterchef”, echoed another viewer.
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