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'Master of None presents Moments in Love': Dev gets blunt with Denise, says they aren't like they used to be

Denise gets caught up in her new found success as a best selling author leaving Dev behind
Aziz Ansari and Lena Waithe star as Dev Shah and Denise in 'Master of None' (Netflix)
Aziz Ansari and Lena Waithe star as Dev Shah and Denise in 'Master of None' (Netflix)

Denise's (Lena Waithe) mother at one point during the third season of 'Master of None' tells her that she knows that Denise wants to take over the world, but she doesn't want to see her leave everyone behind while she does it. But one of the people that Denise does seem to have left behind in her newfound success as a best-selling author, is old friend Dev Shah (Aziz Ansari).

When Denise does meet Dev with his partner Reshmi (Aysha Kala) when they come over for dinner, it's clear that Denise knows very little about what is going on in Dev's life. For one she doesn't know that Dev and Reshmi now live with his parents in Queens and she certainly didn't know that Dev's relationship status was so rocky. 


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When Denise asks Dev why he hasn't shared what's going on in his life, Dev says that they are simply not the same friends they used to be. He says that after Denise has found so much success, she made all these new friends and he simply hasn't made the cut to still be an important part of her life. Denise tells Dev there's no cut when it comes to them because they are family. She says but you have to call me and tell me what's going on with you. Dev tells her it's hard to do that because she's doing so well and he's doing so badly. It's embarrassing for him. Denise tells him he's just in the valley right now like she was when she was working in magazines pretending to be a writer.

Dev doesn't seem too convinced and looks melancholic as he remembers the good times they had running around New York, doing whatever they wanted and having fun every single day. He says he never knew how good he had it. But in spite of the distance that has cropped up between them, it doesn't stop Dev from being the one who comes to Denise's rescue when she finds herself at a crossroads in life soon after.

Denise is clearly questioning her abilities to ever be a parent asks Dev, "Should I stop smoking weed and have a baby?" Dev in his infinite wisdom replies, "Those aren't the only two options in life. You can do other stuff. It's not like smoke weed and eat candy or raise children." Denise says she appreciates Dev being there for her, especially after she got caught up in her success and meeting so many famous people. Will the two old friends manage to get their friendship back on track in spite of their own personal challenges. To find out more you can catch the latest season of 'Master of None' premiering on Netflix on May 23.