'Master of None presents Moments in Love': How does Dev lead to decline of Denise and Alicia's relationship?

Aziz Ansari doesn't appear prominently on screen in Season 3, but has served as director and writer on Season 3

                            'Master of None presents Moments in Love': How does Dev lead to decline of Denise and Alicia's relationship?
Lena Waithe and Naomi Ackie star as Denise and Alicia in 'Master of None' ([email protected])

Season 3 of 'Master Of None' entitled 'Master of None presents Moments in Love' doesn't feature Dev Shah (Aziz Ansari) prominently on screen, though Aziz Ansari does serve as director and writer on the new season. While Dev's shortened onscreen presence has been attributed to Ansari simply not having "anything else to say" about Dev according to an interview of his to 'Vulture', it is worthy to note that in January 2018, Ansari was accused of sexual misconduct and subsequently kept a lower profile professionally.

However, Dev, even in a cameo, still wields influence in the new season, which focuses entirely on the relationship between Denise (Lena Waithe) and Alicia (Naomi Ackie). An encounter with Dev and his partner Reshmi (Aysha Kala) sets in motion a turn of events that ends up bursting the domestic bubble that Denise and Alicia reside in, albeit with their own set of issues bubbling under the surface. 


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Dev and Reshmi come over to Denise and Alicia's for dinner, only for the evening to devolve rather quickly as Dev and Reshmi trade jabs about everything from Dev's failure as an actor, to his need for hair plugs, to Reshmi's wine breath. Dev and Reshmi's unhappiness proves to be contagious and Reshmi's talk with Alicia on how she thought she would be married with kids and have a solid career by this point in her life, gets Alicia thinking as well.



Alicia then decides to broach the topic of having a baby with Denise. Denise is not exactly on board with the idea but seems to give in just to keep the peace. She clearly doesn't expect the process to take place as quickly as it does. Not only does the very first donor Alicia has in mind, her friend Darius (Anthony Welsh) agree wholeheartedly to being a part of the process, but with his very first 'donation', Alicia becomes pregnant. While Alicia is over the moon, it seems that Denise is still grappling with her reservations. Her lack of enthusiasm no matter how well concealed doesn't escape Alicia's notice. Alicia then has a miscarriage and accuses Denise of being relieved that Alicia is not pregnant anymore.

While it may seem that there is no coming back from a statement like that, Denise and Alicia seem to fall back into the rhythm of everyday life. But clearly, their lack of emotional and physical intimacy soon takes a toll, leading them to both cheat on each other. But will they manage to put their indiscretions behind them and realize that it was common grief that actually tore them apart? To find out you can watch Season 3 of 'Master Of None' on Netflix premiering on May 23. 

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