MasterChef contestant serves fully feathered dead bird to judges in outrageous video, gets booted off show

MasterChef contestant serves fully feathered dead bird to judges in outrageous video, gets booted off show
(MasterChef Spain/1 Channel)

A MasterChef Spain contestant was kicked out from the show after she served up a rather repulsive meal to the judges.

The hit show, which now has several versions across the globe, is known to constantly push contestants to create culinary masterpieces that send us drooling on each episode.

The cooks are challenged with various kinds of ingredients, which are often alien to them, and have to work with whatever is handed to them regardless of their specialty outside the series.

This time, however, it seemed like one of the challenges was a little too difficult for one of the contenders, Metro reports.

Saray Carrillo, an LGBT social worker who made it through previous rounds, was uncomfortable with de-feathering a bird for the Spanish series' latest installment. As a result, she went ahead and served up a dead, unplucked partridge in front of the judges.

You can watch the full video here:



It seemed like Saray did the best she could in terms of presentation, covering the bird in some cherry tomatoes and some golden sauce underneath. However, the dish did not appear to be appetizing in the least.

The social worker's face oozed confidence as she was called forward, but some other contestants were seen covering their faces as she handed over the meal.

The judges looked genuinely shocked at what they saw in front of them. "This is never seen in MasterChef," one of them remarked in bewilderment.

Saray complained on the show that some of the earlier feedback she had received in previous rounds were rather harsh or unfair. However, after receiving an earful from the judges this time around, she bid them farewell and left the competition.

The bizarre TV moment subsequently made rounds of social media, with people going wild in the comments section.

"MasterChef Spain is more exciting than the British version! Contestant serves up an uncooked, unplucked partridge because she´s pissed off that her effort in the previous round was rubbished by the judges," one wrote on Twitter.

"It was a big mistake to get into the program. But once inside, she made it clear to her level and her class as a person: 0. 0 education, 0 respect, 0 knowing how to be, 0 cooking, 0 responsibility. It is ridiculous and embarrassing," another added.

"I do not understand, they would have to try the dish, expelling someone without tasting it does not seem fair," a third chimed in.

"It's your fault, it didn't cost ANYTHING instead of serving an entire bird to pluck it like when you buy a chicken in the butcher shop. You have done it to LAUGH AT HER, TO EXPULSE HER, TO DISCLAIM HER RESPECT by pretending that she DOES NOT DESERVE the apron," a fourth fumed.

A few others had rather discriminatory remarks against the show, saying this was the result of trying to be overtly 'inclusive' towards the LGBT community.

"This is all to promote the inclusiveness of the 'LGBT' when later they are the ones who do why we isolate them. We should be ashamed to have chosen this being among more than 28,000 people who were left out. DISGUST," one wrote in Spanish.

"This is what happens when a contestant enters just to fill the LGTB space and make everything more 'inclusive'. I ridicule today's show, and it's all your fault," another added.

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