MasterChef winner Julie Goodwin slammed for saying British monarchy 'irrelevant' after Queen's death

MasterChef winner Julie Goodwin slammed for saying British monarchy 'irrelevant' after Queen's death
Julie Goodwin has been criticised after she said the UK monarchy was 'irrelevant' after the Queen's death (The Project/Twitter; Joe Giddens-WPA Pool/GettyImages)

NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA: Winner of MasterChef Australia Julie Goodwin stoked controversy after she claimed that the UK monarchy was no longer "relevant" following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Julie also called for the end of the monarchy in Australia and hoped the country becomes a republic. 

The 51-year-old was speaking on 'The Project' on Friday, September 16, Julie said, "I want to say with the utmost respect to the Queen and to the monarchy and to monarchists that it's not a populist thing."


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Goodwin said, "It's not democratically elected. It's not put in place by the people of this country. With every bit of respect to Queen Elizabeth and all the work that she's done over her 70 years of reign, I don't think the monarchy's very relevant to Australia anymore."


She went on to speak about her upbringing, which was flooded by memories of the Queen and singing the national anthem. Julie said,  “I was raised in a time - I sang God Save the Queen as the national anthem when I was a girl at school, and we had her picture on the wall at school. She's interwoven in my memory and my history.”

Netizens were quick to react to her statements. One wrote, "Oh poor Julie. Looking for relevance? Tried a few bandwagons in the past. None have worked out. Try this one? Read the room love." Another said, "Clearly the rumblings for a republic for Australia are being generated by the backstabbing industries of media , celebrities and sports identities. So transparent is their agenda they have sunk to gossip and a spitefall coverage pontificating on every action by the royals." A third chimed in, "Stop trying to stay relevant your a cook not a political commentator." A fourth commented, "Our Queen is not even buried yet and this over rated so called 'chef' thinks now is the time to end the Monarchy! Go away and take your lefty republicans with you."





However, some agreed with Goodwin. A Twitter user said, "Yep it’s time for the monarchy to go. London Bridge has fallen." Another said, "Well done Julie Goodwin for not being intimidated about respectfully calling for an Aust republic We need more of this now as we contemplate future without QE2 #auspol #RepublicNow."



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