Massive Attack tease 'Eutopia' EP with three cryptic clips, fans say '2020 might finally redeem itself'

The trip-hop group had previously released cryptic posts on social media with artwork from the upcoming project 'Eutopia'

                            Massive Attack tease 'Eutopia' EP with three cryptic clips, fans say '2020 might finally redeem itself'
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British trip-hop icons Massive Attack have recently followed up their cryptic artwork posts on social media by releasing three new teaser clips with music from their upcoming EP 'Eutopia'. As previously reported, Massive Attack had originally shared three new images, which appeared to be photo negatives of artwork from their upcoming release, which will be the Bristol-based group's first new music in over four years. Their last release was 'The Spoils' EP in 2016, which featured collaborations with Hope Sandoval and Ghostpoet. 

The first of the three video clips shared on the group's social media accounts was a 16-second clip that showed a yellow skull on a pink background slowly coming into focus as some ambient music plays. The colors are then reversed and the image slowly warps into a variety of technicolor palettes. The text "Massive Attack" could be seen on top, while the bottom displayed "#//Eutopia".

Excited fans were posting comments and gifs to share their enthusiasm for the upcoming project, with one fan saying, "Oh, my God! Okay, it's happening!" Another happy music lover tweeted, "2020 might finally redeem itself." Another fan said, "It has a Heligoland vibe! Can’t wait for that!!" referring to the sound from their fifth studio album, 'Heligoland', which was released over a decade ago. Another longtime listener said, "It was my dream that they make new music. So happy right now." 


The second video was an 18-second clip that showed a warping skull in a tight close-up shot, giving the impression that it was being viewed underwater, as the camera zoomed out and then back in. The same impressionistic technicolor palette was used for this clip, which featured a man's emotive voice singing over a repeated note coming from a synthesizer. The caption for this clip seemed to credit the artiste, saying it was "generative art" by Quasimondo, a visual artist based in Germany. Fans were excited about this teaser as well, with one fan saying on Instagram, "Getting some 'Loveless' vibes from this video." A viewer also tweeted "Can't wait!" while another enthusiastic supporter said "When??? Take my money!!!" 

Singer Liz Frazer performs with Massive Attack at Westonbirt Arboretum on July 30, 2006, in Tetbury England (Getty Images)

The final video teaser was another 18-second-long generative art piece by Quasimondo, featuring a variety of faces viewed in close up, as they slowly morphed into different people, similar to the end of the 'Black Or White' music video by Michael Jackson. Some of the faces that could be seen included fleeting visages of a Latina woman, a Caucasian male, an Asian woman and an African-American male, and the process kept repeating with different gender and ethnic permutations over some lightly pulsating ambient music. Fans were thrilled with this latest video clip, saying "Sounds lush!" and another fan said, "OMG I love it already." Another fan concluded, "Oh, we need new Massive Attack music more than ever now!"

More details on Massive Attack's upcoming 'Eutopia EP' are sure to follow, so stay tuned.

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