Massachusetts son and mother caught having sex by wife at their home, face 20 years in jail: 'It just happened'

Tony Lavoie, 43 and Cheryl Lavoie, 64, have both been charged with incest and can land behind bars if convicted

                            Massachusetts son and mother caught having sex by wife at their home, face 20 years in jail: 'It just happened'
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FITCHBURG, MASSACHUSETTS: A woman and her son have been arrested and charged after the latter's wife allegedly caught them having sex on the couch at their home. The incident first came to light after a deputy from the Fitchburg Police Department responded to a residence on Clarendon Street on May 20 on reports of a disturbance, according to a police report obtained by the Sentinel & Enterprise.

On arrival, the deputy was greeted by the cousin of Lori Lavoie, the wife of Tony L Lavoie, 43. She told the deputy that Lori had called her to tell her that she had walked in on her husband having sex with his mother, Cheryl Lavoie, 64, at their home. To corroborate the claim, the deputy talked to Lori, who said she saw her husband sexually penetrate his mother on the living room couch. She said she saw her mother-in-law naked on top of her husband, and disgusted, walked into her room, closed the door, and then called her cousin and the police. She claimed she always had a bad suspicion that the pair was having an intimate relationship.

When the deputy questioned the mother and son separately, both admitted they had consensual sexual relations but insisted it was the first time such a thing had "just happened." Asked what had transpired, Tony reportedly said, "I don't want to talk about it, I made a mistake and I am embarrassed enough as it is." Pressed further on how it had "just happened," the 43-year-old repeated, "I don't know. It just happened."

He eventually shared that he had been playing a video game in the living room when he and his mother "just started to kiss and have sex." Tony then admitted he had sexual intercourse with his mother and said that they "took off each other's clothes" before continuing to insist that it was the first time they had "ever done anything like this." The officer, however, noted that the 43-year-old "did not seem to be nervous or upset about having sex" with his mother and that it appeared he was "more embarrassed about getting caught by his wife."

Cheryl's story was similar to that of her son, according to the police report. She told the officer she and her son "got caught by Lori" having sex and that she was "on top of my son, on the couch." She said it got to that point because "myself and my son have gotten a lot closer over the past few months and we just had sex after we were kissing." Asked if her son suffered from any mental illness, she said she was not sure but revealed he did fall off a ladder at one point in his life.

Both Cheryl and Tony were charged with incest in connection to the incident and were arraigned on Thursday, August 27. They pleaded not guilty to the felony and were ordered by a district court judge to have no contact with each other. The two were freed on a personal recognizance bond and are scheduled to appear for a pretrial hearing on October 27. If convicted, they could face a maximum of 20 years behind bars.

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