Massachusetts man says mystery intruder broke into his home, cleaned it, and left without stealing anything

Massachusetts man says mystery intruder broke into his home, cleaned it, and left without stealing anything

A Massachusetts man came home from work to find it had been broken into and that the intruder had cleaned every nook and cranny instead of robbing him blind.

Nate Roman, 44, of Marlborough, detailed his bizarre experience in a Facebook post on May 15 that has since gone viral, explaining how this stranger even left him neatly folded toilet paper roses before leaving and that he didn't have video proof because of his absent-mindedness.


"Today, while I was at work, a stranger entered my house," Roman wrote. "It's possible that I forgot to lock the back door, they didn't break anything while entering. I usually forget to arm my alarm during the day, but unfortunately, that also happened, so I don't have any video, despite having cameras."

Then came the twist, with the 44-year-old explaining how he came back to find his house spick and span.

"Ready for the weird part?" he asked. "Not only did they not take anything (that I can find), but the purpose of the visit was to clean my bathrooms and bedrooms. They made the beds, vacuumed the rugs, scrubbed the toilets and left tp roses."

He claimed in his post that there were "no notes, creepy arrangements or anything" and that his best theory was that a housekeeping service accidentally went to the wrong address.

But speaking to the Daily Mail this past Thursday, he admitted had no clue as to who could have been responsible for such a 'crime.' "I still have no idea who did this, it's all really crazy," he was quoted saying. 


His theory that it was a housekeeping service at the wrong address was advocated for by one of the commenters on his original post who wrote, "This actually happens more often then you realized (sic)."

"If the previous owners had a cleaning company and you didn't change the locks, their old cleaning service still has a set of keys to your house," they continued, adding, "The cleaning company that I used to have did this to me once. They went to my old address and cleaned my old apartment instead of my new one."

But Roman told the Mail he still had his doubts about the theory, especially because he had been living in that house for quite some time now. "I've been here for a year and a half, changed my locks on day one," he said. "I'm usually pretty careful about this stuff."

The 'break-in' has baffled authorities as well. Asked if this was a common occurrence, Marlborough Police Sergeant Daniel Campbell said what happened at Roman's residence was an isolated incident. "We have not received any reports similar to this in other locations, and we have no suspects at this time," he said.

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