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Mason Sisk called 911 HIMSELF after shooting dead his dad, stepmom, and 3 siblings in their sleep

The teenager now faces life in jail after being convicted of four counts of capital murder
UPDATED APR 28, 2023
Mason Sisk will be sentenced in July (Limestone County Sheriff's Office)
Mason Sisk will be sentenced in July (Limestone County Sheriff's Office)

ELKMONT, ALABAMA: Mason Sisk, 17, who was convicted of four counts of capital murder, had reportedly called 911 after shooting dead five members of his family on September 2, 2019, as they were sleeping in their house in Elkmont, close to the Tennessee border.

The victims included Sisk’s father, 38-year-old John Sisk; his wife and the teen’s stepmother, Mary Sisk, 35; and their children - Kane, 6, Rorrie, 4, and Colson, 6 months. On Thursday, April 27, the teen was found guilty of all the killings and is expected to be sentenced at the end of July. He is facing life imprisonment since he was 14 at the time of the murders, reported.


Mason Sisk: Alabama teen convicted of capital murder for killing dad, stepmom, and 3 siblings

Mason Sisk: Shock twist in case of teen who gunned down family after discovering his mom was his stepmom

‘He has not talked about his family at all’

Mason decided to gun down his family members after he discovered that Mary was his stepmother. His cousin, Daisy McCarty, also spoke up after the incident. She reportedly said, “He didn't know any different about who his mom was. And they just recently told him, and I think that's really what triggered the little boy, to be honest with you.”

During the trial, the jurors were shown text messages from the teen as he talked big about using a gun to take down his people. Besides, the court was told that the then-14-year-old was the one who called 911 to inform them about the crime, the Daily Mail reported.

At first, Mason reportedly told the responding cops that he was in the basement of his house when he heard the sound of gunshots. But eventually, he admitted to the murders and also helped investigators in finding a 9mm pistol, which he used for the killings. Following his arrest, in November 2020, a report from a juvenile probation officer reportedly said, “Mason does not seem bothered by the fact he’s accused of murdering his family. He has not shown any sign of remorse. While in detention, he has not talked about his family at all.”

The document added that the teenager “follows directions, does his schoolwork, and interacts well with others,” as he spent time in detention.

‘You prepared for the worst-case scenario’

Meanwhile, a statement from Mason’s lawyer has shown his dissatisfaction over his conviction. Defense attorney Shay Golden said, “Information we believed to be relevant was never really allowed to be discussed or considered. We have prepared for that, that’s part of the legal process. You prepared for the worst-case scenario. We’re confident we’re solid on the ground for appeal.”

The lawyer concluded, “It just feels like this inevitably will have to be tried again. I know that he’s [Mason’s] disappointed. It’s difficult, he emotes in his way,[and] he doesn’t have anyone really to help him with that. We talked about it. He knew this was something to be considered the entire time was the possibility that the issues were setting up for appeal might come into play.”