Yankees fans call Masahiro Tanaka's warm-up song ‘On Your Mark’ from Japanese idol group MCZ ‘funniest thing’

Masahiro Tanaka's return to the Yankee stadium mound brought much joy and relief to his fans and well-wishers

                            Yankees fans call Masahiro Tanaka's warm-up song ‘On Your Mark’ from Japanese idol group MCZ ‘funniest thing’
Masahiro Tanaka (Getty Images)

It brought joy and relief to many as baseball player Masahiro Tanaka was seen at the Yankee stadium mound on August 1 evening against the Red Sox. Just a month ago, Tanaka had been struck on the right side of the head by Giancarlo Stanton's 112-mph line drive. Manager Aaron Boone and the righthander’s Yankees teammates were worried about his health. Tanaka managed to recover from his concussion protocols and found his way back four weeks after the incident.

Furthermore, for his new warm-up routine, Tanaka played the song 'On Your Mark' by Momoiro Clover Z, which earned him a lot of praise from his devoted fans on Twitter. 

"I can’t stress how amazing it is to have Masahiro Tanaka warmup music back in my life," one fan tweeted.


"Still can't believe that Masahiro Tanaka is such a big Momoiro Clover Z fan that they recorded a warmup song specifically for him and it blasts every time he warms up at Yankee Stadium," a fan wrote. 


"I get hit by a 112 mph baseball in the head I hide in my room for the next 10 years cringing at the thought of pitching again. Tanaka is starting games in less than a month," another tweeted.


"Tanaka's love for Momoiro Clover Z is one of the funniest things," another wrote.


"I hate the Yankees, but I also am a huge Anime Weeb. I’m so happy he’s embracing his culture. Anyone wanna Petion to change his warm up song to Head Cha La from Dragon Ball Z?" a fan tweeted.


"I basically imagine as Tanaka being the funniest guy in baseball," a fan tweeted.


"I love how beloved Tanaka is among the Yankee fanbase. Rarely is this crazy group of baseball psychos so aligned on someone," a fan wrote.


There's much joy and cheer to have Tanaka back. "I’m so thankful to have gotten him back without missing any more time than he did, and I know he's excited to get back on the mound," Brett Gardner said, to News Day before Tanaka's 2020 debut where he was given a 5-0 lead after two innings on Aaron Judge's fourth homer in as many games and Gio Urshela's grand slam. "He's a guy that we love playing behind and is a big part of what we do here."

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