Donald Trump's niece Mary calls 26 new presidential pardons 'grotesque,' Internet says it's 'just the opening act'

Mary termed her uncle Donald's clemency spree an act of 'unspeakable cruelty' and those whom he had pardoned she referred to as 'the corrupt, the criminal and murderers of children'

                            Donald Trump's niece Mary calls 26 new presidential pardons 'grotesque,' Internet says it's 'just the opening act'
Mary Trump and Donald Trump (ABC News/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump announced 26 new pardons, including longtime ally Roger Stone; former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and White House senior adviser Jared Kushner's father, Charles on Wednesday, December 23. The repercussions of which were not pleasant for the outgoing president, apart from his critics slamming him for this move, his niece Mary Trump too condemned his decision on Twitter. 

The daughter of the POTUS' late elder brother, Fred Trump Jr tweeted, "These pardons are grotesque. The corrupt, the criminal, murderers of children--that's who Donald lets off the hook. We can never forget and never forgive the unspeakable cruelty."


Jumping on the Trump hate bandwagon, people on social media also took to the comments section to call out the president for rushing to grant a wave of pardons amid his last few days in the office. "People still need to lower their expectations. None, not one of these surprised me. Waiting for the rest, hoping for best, prepared for worst (as best i can). Longest 28 days of my life," one of them said, while another wrote, "The worst human beings of our time in this government. In order for us too heal there needs to be accountability.We can no longer suffer this demoralization. It’s always on the backs of those who sacrifice and work hard."

A third reacted with, "And this is just the opening act!" One more commented, "Sadly, it will be forgotten by tomorrow." Another social media sounded dejected as he tweeted, "We are so tired of it all!!!! We always believed there was something we could do but everything that was done to hold him accountable has fallen short. Now we live in crazy town." One of them pointed out, "These pardons are only going to get worse." 

"It's all sickening!!!" one of them said. Another wrote, "The darkest times are right now." One more tweeted, "Saves time. Don't bother investigating the pardon parts. Focus on the rest." Another tweeted seemingly tired of all the chaos around the pardons, "And the 'story'...behind each Pardon....& all the Drama.





















Mary also retweeted a post from a trial lawyer who claimed to have represented the families of some of the victims massacred by Erik Prince, one of the people granted a pardon by Trump  Along with a picture of one of the young victims, the lawyer wrote, "Ali Kinani was 9 years old when he was shot in the head by Blackwater guards on September 16, 2007 in Baghdad Iraq. @realDonaldTrump just pardoned his killers. I represented Ali’s and five other families in a civil lawsuit against Blackwater and Erik Prince for the killings."

In a series of other tweets, he said, "Ali was sitting in the back seat of his father’s SUV with two of his cousins. Blackwater riddled the car with bullets. Ali’s father was driving. When the shooting stopped they thought they had experienced a miracle that they were safe. One of Ali’s cousins said that Ali had been shot. His father opened the door after seeing blood on the window and Ali’s brain fell out onto the pavement between his father’s feet." 

He added in some other posts: "None of the victims had weapons. They were all shot and killed or wounded in their cars. Blackwater had disobeyed a directive to stay in the Green Zone. Instead, they entered Nisour Square, blocked traffic, and began firing into the cars of innocent civilians." 






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