Internet cancels Mary Hart, brands her a 'traitor' for hosting Trump's Fourth of July Mount Rushmore event

Mary Hart earned a spot in the black book of many after she was spotted hosting Donald Trump's rally at Mount Rushmore

                            Internet cancels Mary Hart, brands her a 'traitor' for hosting Trump's Fourth of July Mount Rushmore event
Mary Hart and Donald Trump (Getty Images)

OG 'Entertainment Tonight' host Mary Hart has been out of the spotlight for many years. The former television star has finally made a reappearance, however, the internet doesn't appear to be too happy about it. Hart was seen hosting President Donald Trump's rally at Mount Rushmore, as the President and First Lady Melania arrived at the historical site to kick off the July 4th celebrations.

The event began with a show by the US Navy Blue Angels that was MCed by Hart. At the event, Trump is expected to speak on the rampant "cancel culture" that seems to be trending all over the internet. 

When fans saw Hart at the event, many were taken by surprise, which was soon replaced with anger directed at her for not only supporting the President but also hosting an event for him. Ironically, while the President seems hell-bent on getting rid of the "cancel culture", internet users began canceling Hart. A user tweeted, "Time to cancel Mary Hart... #CancelMaryHart." Another user wrote, "Mary Hart is a horrible person for doing this."

"I'd like to say I'm shocked Mary Hart is Trump supporter, but I'm not. There's a certain vibe conservative celebrities put out there that I can just sense," expressed a user. Another user shared, "Guess I’ll never look at Mary Hart in the same way. She needs to be boycotted for anything going forward." "So add Mary Hart to the Scott Baio/Dean Cain list of Trump-supporting has-beens," commented an annoyed user. "Traitor!" declared another.

Hart became a household name and was a permanent fixture on television from many years after her show 'Entertainment Tonight' became a smashing success. She earned many fans after her stint on television. But these fans seem to be having second thoughts on their adoration towards her after watching her extend support to Trump.

A former fan wrote, "#maryhart Wow. I remember when I used to respect and adore her. No more. Bye gurl bye." Another user shared, "Mary Hart trending and lately usually means the person is dead or something bad happened to them and then you find it's even worse than that. She's a #MAGAts." "#MaryHart has been irrelevant for a decade now, but will forever be remembered for propping up evil on a pedestal. F you Mary Hart!" declared a user.

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