'Marvel's Helstrom' Season 1 Ending Explained: Who is Papa and what is Kthara's true Hellish identity?

'Marvel's Helstrom' Season 1 Ending Explained: Who is Papa and what is Kthara's true Hellish identity?

Spoilers for 'Helstrom' Season 1

The Helstrom family has been through their trial of literal fire, and though they've come through it all stronger at the end, they've had to let out a lot of their inner demons in order to do so. However, their inner demons are the least of their problems, as actual demons are making their own schemes. As Mother (Elizabeth Marvel) and Papa (Mitch Pileggi) walk off hand in hand, the Helstroms are blissfully unaware that their demonic family woes are far from over. We take a look at that Hellish season finale, and what it means for a potential Season 2.

Helstrom Powers, Activate!

The Helstrom siblings Daimon (Tom Austen) and Ana (Sydney Lemmon) have been separated for most of their lives, with their father long dead and in Hell. There was no one to teach them to use their powers, and there was no way for them to help each other deal with their powers. However, united by certain events, the two are able to figure out new uses for their abilities.

Ana was able to use Daimon's ability to create Hellfire to reignite the Hell-dagger their father once used. It turns out the weapon is more than just a dagger, as it extends into what eagle-eyed fans may notice is a trident. The demonic trident is Daimon Hellstrom's weapon of choice from the comics, and we see how effective it can be when used against demons — exorcising them immediately. While the siblings still have a lot to learn as to how their powers work, one thing is for sure — the Helstroms are stronger together.

New Roles

The Helstroms aren't the only ones finding new powers, strengths and roles. The end of the series saw a lot of changes for much of the show's supporting cast. Ana's friend, confidante and co-conspirator Chris Yen (Alain Uy) has been permanently changed by his time with the skull, and has become the new Keeper, tasked with keeping the world safe from demonic intrusion. As such, he takes responsibility for the newly born Kthara.

Kthara, after using Daimon and Gabriella Rossetti's (Ariana Guerra) to impregnate Gabby, has placed her essence within the blank slate of the child's soul, allowing the child and Kthara to become one so that she can truly exist in the world, instead of possessing bodies that slowly burn out from holding demons inside of them. The entire rushed pregnancy has traumatized Gabby, however, whose body was essentially raped and forcibly impregnated. Gabby's experiences have left her with an irrepresible hatred for demons and all their kind, showing no sympathy towards the baby, nor to Daimon and his sister. That kind of extreme position sets her up perfectly to join with the Blood, and when she next sees the Helstroms, it will likely be as enemies.

One Happy Family...

The Helstroms, however, end the season in a happy place — perhaps the happiest they've been in their lives. Victoria (Elizabeth Marvel) is finally free from all demonic influences, able to be there for her family in a way she's never been able to before. She's forgiven by Ana, who's happy to have found a home in her family. They're joined by Yen, Caretaker (Robert Wisdom), and Loise Hastings (June Carryl), who just recovered from a successful surgery that cleared her of her lung cancer. Things are looking up for the Helstroms and their extended family.

...As Above, So Below

The Helstroms, however, aren't the only ones enjoying their family reunion. The last scene of the series takes place a month later. The baby that Kthara birthed herself into continues to grow at a prostigious rate, appearing to be about 10 years old only a month after her birth. She's being taken care of by the Keeper, Yen, her demonic nature apparently dormant... until a mysterious man shows up, identifying himself only as "Papa", and reminding Kthara of her true name — Lily.

This can only be a reference to Lilith, the Mother of Demons, from the pages of Marvel Comics. The clues were all there that Lilith was Kthara's true identity — the appearance of the Blood, whom Lilith has a connection with, and her son — a demon able to open up his rib cage to consume his victims is a clear reference to one of Lilith's demon children, who can do the same. This is significant, as while Kthara is a lesser demon in the Devil's court, Lilith is considerably higher up in Hell's hierarchy — almost at the same level as the Devil himself.

As for Papa's true identity, he might just be Daimon and Ana's father, who has been conspicuously absent and unseen for the rest of Season 1. He's the only member of the Helstrom family we haven't seen. In the comics, both Ana and Daimon are the children of the Devil — or at least, a powerful demon who claims to be the Devil, with enough authority to back that claim up. The show hasn't confirmed this — but given that Daimon Helstrom's comic book name is literally the Son of Satan, it seems the most likely explanation.

All episodes of 'Helstrom' Season 1 are now available to stream on Hulu.

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