Marvel's 'Daredevil' "changed my career": Amy Rutberg teases season 3 and Marci-Foggy relationship

Marvel's 'Daredevil' "changed my career": Amy Rutberg teases season 3 and Marci-Foggy relationship

If the name Amy Rutberg rings a bell, it's probably because you have seen her kicking ass in 'NCIS: New Orleans' or charm with her outspokenness on Marvel's 'Daredevil'. And these are just a few of her skills. 

Filling in as Marci Stahl, the high-powered attorney and former girlfriend of Foggy Nelson in the Marvel-Netflix series, Rutberg's jump to fame was immediate. Especially with the fans of comic book adaptations. They came to recognize the actress as the powerhouse performer, who despite her restricted screen time, had created an impact, leaving 'Daredevil' fans with the eternal question of will they/won't they. 

So much so that, even when she talks about her character and the status of her relationship with Foggy, Rutberg maintains her coy stance. But not for long. She will be soon reprising her role as Marci in the third season of 'Daredevil' in October. In addition, the actress has also landed a coveted gig in the 100th episode of NOLA season 5.


Amy Rutberg dishes on the upcoming season of Marvel's 'Daredevil' (Photo credit: Benjo Arwas)
Amy Rutberg dishes on the upcoming season of Marvel's 'Daredevil' (Photo credit: Benjo Arwas)


In talks with Meaww, Rutberg dishes on her big Marvel break, a possible 'Daredevil' trailer drop during the upcoming New York Comic Con, and her thoughts on coming back to life in NCIS: New Orleans season 5.          

Read the full interview below:

'Daredevil' is almost here, is it true that season 3 is premiering in Thailand first, as per the rumors from Netflix Thailand?

October 19th! Marvel made the announcement this past week. Super exciting, season 2 was released two and a half years ago. We are more than ready for season 3.  I love how dark and mysterious the marketing has been this season.

After the events of the last season, where do we find Marci Stahl in the upcoming season?  

Well, I can’t say much. We know Foggy and Marci are working together at Hogarth, Chao, and Benowitz (the law firm of Carrie Ann Moss in “Jessica Jones”). It will be interesting to see what the status of their relationship is now. We all think Matt is dead. That has a huge effect on Foggy.


Let's rewind a bit. How did you land the role of this comic book-inspired character? What about Marci stood out to you?

I didn’t know what I was auditioning for in 2014. Netflix hadn’t even announced their relationship with Marvel. I just got this really well-written scene between a fancy lawyer and her altruistic ex-boyfriend. As an actor, you don’t get most of the roles you audition for, but this seemed like such a perfect fit for me. I was struck by her wit, candor, and great taste in shoes. She was unapologetic about her drive and intelligence. That’s refreshing.  Plus the scene was about showing off for her ex-boyfriend... who doesn’t appreciate that?

With 'Daredevil' and 'The Defenders', you are officially a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe - how's the feeling like? Do you find it overwhelming? Also, how is it different from other cinematic series/franchises?

It’s a great honor to be a part of the MCU. It’s changed my career, and Marvel has been so good to me. I’ve made lifelong friends. I wouldn’t say it’s overwhelming for me, probably a different experience for Charlie Cox (who plays Matt Murdock/Daredevil). I enjoy the fans tremendously and getting to know this world is great fun. I see all the Marvel films as soon as they come out and I’m very invested in the Defenders world. I watch all the Netflix shows.



Moving into season 3, will we see more involvement with Marci's storyline? What about her relationship with Foggy, where's that headed?

Are they friends? Lovers? Adversaries? Safe to say they are co-workers. Marci saved Foggy’s butt at the end of season 2 when everything kind of blew up, and that wasn’t the first time she had done that for him. If you think about it, Marci is the only one who is always looking out for Foggy’s best interest...or at least what she believes is his best interest. His relationship with Matt is complex and causes Foggy a lot of heartaches. Marci for all her flaws loves Foggy. I can’t give anything away, but when Erik Olsen (the showrunner of season 3) called me to tell me his plans for season 3, I was pleased. I think it’s so amazing that Marci has had such an impact on fans considering the amount of relative screen time she’s had in season 1 and 2.

At this point, I think it's safe to say that I am really looking forward to 'Daredevil's new season. Can we expect any new information or a trailer at the New York Comic Con?

You and me both! I thought they would wait to announce the release date at NYC Comic Con, but they didn’t.  Maybe we’ll get another trailer. Fans will be able to get to know the new cast members this season- Jay Ali, Wilson Bethel, and the great Joanne Whalley, so that’s exciting. They are wonderful additions this season. Have loved getting to know them.


Clearly, you have a busy few months to look forward to with your upcoming role in CBS's 'NCIS: NOLA.' What can you tell us about the role?

Yeah, this gig has been pure joy. I love working in New Orleans. The cast and crew could not be nicer and spending time in NOLA is pretty much a fantasy come true. Food, music, poker, ...more food.  My character actually died in season 4 so getting the call that I was coming back was kind of a shock. I’ve died on a lot of network TV shows... first time I’ve come back. Scott Bakula’s character Dwayne Pride gets shot at the end of season 4. He ultimately lives (hopefully that’s not a spoiler), but having a near death experience reshapes his life. I’m part of that journey this season.


What was your reaction when you learned you will be starring in the 100th episode of 'NCIS: New Orleans'?

I was stoked! It’s a rare privilege to get to do 100 episodes of a television show. That’s my dream. Being a small part of that celebration was an honor. All the network executives came out... Scott made an incredible speech. This is his first time getting to 100 episodes. Quantum Leap and Star Trek ended at around 97 and 98 episodes I believe. I love working with him. He’s a real “actors actor”- generous, funny, loves the process. I think that comes from his years in theatre.

Fans are eagerly looking forward to the fifth season of NCIS - Where's the show headed tonally? How will season 5 top the action/drama of the last finale?

Fans will not be disappointed this season. After Pride’s near-death experience, we will really get to know Pride in ways we haven’t previously. The action will be as intense as always, but I think they’re really diving into the characters more this season. There is a new female character joining the team-  Hannah Khoury played by Necar Zadegan. She is a fun addition. Also, some favorite characters from previous seasons will be back in the first five episodes which I know the fans will love.


What's next on your list? Any more shows/movies?

In addition to 'Daredevil' and 'NCIS: New Orleans,' I squeezed in an episode of 'Blue Bloods' last month. That airs in October. I’ll be making another trip to NOLA soon, and we’ll see what comes next. It’s a constant hustle, but I love every minute of it.

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