Marvel's Cloak & Dagger: Every character ranked, from comic classics to originals

Starring two young superheroes, Tandy Bowen (aka Dagger) and Tyrone Johnson (aka Cloak) at the center of all action, perhaps not many fans know about the Spider-Man connection.

                            Marvel's Cloak & Dagger: Every character ranked, from comic classics to originals

In times, when there is an overload of comic book adaptations on television, Marvel is forging newer scopes, each time it comes up with a new series for the small screen. The most recent addition to the barrage of the MCU-set shows being Freeform's 'Cloak & Dagger' - a series dabbling in the world of superheroes with a fresher and unique perspective, making it just right for the network's YA audience. 

Starring two young superheroes-to-be, Tandy Bowen (aka Dagger) and Tyrone Johnson (aka Cloak) at the center of all action, many fans might perhaps not know that the show is based on characters who first appeared in Marvel's Spider-Man comics (in 1982). Since then, many an iteration of the web-slinging superhero has made its way to the screens, but this is the first time Cloak and Dagger are getting their due screen time under the watchful guidance of showrunner Joe Pokaski.  

Amidst more than positive feedback (and even a few rave reviews) the Marvel series recently wrapped up its first season. And as Pokaski and his crew prepare their comeback for the sophomore season, we ranked some of the fan-favorite characters, based on their portrayal and originality.  

10. Father Delgado

It wasn't until episode 2 - 'Suicide Sprints' - that 'Cloak & Dagger' fans were introduced to Father Delgado, a character brought to life by actor Jaime Zevallos. Described as someone who is “constantly seeking redemption" and questioning the life he has chosen, Father Delgado serves a dual purpose on the Freeform series - as a priest in dilemma and also the school counselor. 

Despite being a god's man, Father Delgado's life is defined by his struggles, something that Zevallos brings out quite aptly in the introspective scenes in Tyrone's flashback and also during his confrontation with the teen hero.  

9. Liam Walsh

A Marvel comics adaptation, the character of Liam Walsh is a thief in the books, "who dated Tandy Bowen and operated as her partner in crime". While the cinematic iteration of the character has stayed pretty much true to its original portrayal, with newcomer Carl Lundstedt making the most out of a limited screen time, there are many directions that the show can take this story arc in. 

Given the way Liam and Tandy parted ways in season 1, we would certainly love to see how this small-time crook can evolve, perhaps in a more antagonistic way. 

8. Adina Johnson

Again a comics classic, Adina Johnson - Tyron and dead Billy Johnson's mother - is portrayed in the Freeform series by TV veteran Gloria Reuben. Unlike other prominent characters, Adina might not have gotten enough spotlight in season 1, but Reuben's adept portrayal, especially of the mother-son complexities, unquestionably hints that there's more to her story than meets the eye. 

Like Reuben herself teases, "I look forward to seeing some more complex situations going on between Adina and Ty. As details about Tyrone's brother's death continue to be revealed, things start to get heightened."

7. Melissa Bowen

Better known for starring as Janet Gavin on FX's 'Rescue Me', actress Andrea Roth joined the cast of  Marvel's 'Cloak & Dagger' as the mother of Tandy, Melissa Bowen. Interestingly, the series has added much more layers to Roth's character, who more or less serves as one of the supporting arcs to the main narrative in the comics. 

Not only has her struggles with sobriety been a highlight for the season, but has also been a driving force behind pushing the lead character, Tandy aka Dagger, towards assuming her role as a vigilante. 

6. Otis Johnson

There's a lot going on for Otis Johnson in 'Cloak & Dagger'. He is a father secretly nursing the wound of losing his elder son, which undoubtedly has left a major impact on his life. He is also a working-class man striving to provide for his family while trying to do the very best for his only surviving son, Tyrone. And alongside all these roles, he is also a member of a group called the Wild Red Hawks.

British-born American star Miles Mussenden filled in the shoes of Otis in the superhero series and how! His relationship with his son has clearly been a defining point for his story but we would also like to see how Mussenden can breathe life into this adaptation in season 2. 

5.  Mina Hess

In season 1 episode 5 - titled 'Princeton Offense' - fans are introduced to Mina Hess, the daughter of Nathan's (Tandy's father) colleague Ivan. While Mina's story unfolds much late into the season, actress Ally Maki has surely caught our eyes with her portrayal of the nature-loving character. "An environmental engineer at Roxxon Gulf" (the corrupt corporation, whose activities contribute to a major calamity by the finale), Mina further goes on to assume importance in the narrative when she realizes the burden of her responsibility. 

The finale indeed added to the drama as Mina's fate (in turn Maki's position in the series) is up in the air after getting exposed to the infection and that final showdown with Tandy. 

4. Detective Connors

A corrupt and truly devious officer posted at the New Orleans Police Department, the true shades of Detective Connors' villainy is brought out by none other than his colleague Brigid O'Reilly. Though the show has dropped ample hints about Connors real intentions since the beginning, especially after he went to great lengths to cover up the shooting of an innocent Billy Johnson, it is towards the end that the JD Evermore-played character garners our undivided attention. And a great deal of the credit goes to Evermore, who quite successfully served the antagonist for season 1. 

3. Tyrone Johnson aka Cloak

Let's say, show creator Pokaski has taken a lot of liberty in developing this comic book character. Originally, Tyrone - who eventually goes on to don the Cloak - was depicted as a Boston native and Billy as his friend. Taking creative liberties, the Marvel series centers his story in and around New Orleans itself.

It is through the portrayal of Tyrone, brought to life by rapper-turned-actor Aubrey Joseph, that the show shines the spotlight on a range of underlying issues like police brutality, racism and so on. While season 1 has definitely piqued our curiosity, here's to hoping that Cloak truly understands the intensity of his powers (and the darker sides of it) in the upcoming season. 

2. Tandy Bowen aka Dagger

Actress Olivia Holt is no stranger to the small screen, having previously starred in Disney XD's 'Kickin' It'. And perhaps it is this experience that helps Holt's Tandy Bowen aka superhero-to-be Dagger, stand out from the host of Marvel characters in 'Cloak & Dagger'. 


Tandy's journey is not an easy one and since the very first episode, these struggles faced by the teen hero has been the highlight of the narrative. With each episode, however, Holt's character and her eventual evolution have managed to get us interested in what happens next in 'Cloak & Dagger' season 2.

1.  Brigid O'Reilly aka Mayhem

Just when you thought that this new import from Harlem (ahem ahem that Luke Cage) couldn't get any more intriguing, detective Brigid O'Reilly had her experience with the infectious elements erupting from Roxxon Gulf. The finale episode - 'Colony Collapse' - ended with some sort of resurrection for O'Reilly, laying the path for her return as Mayhem. 

Not much is known about the cinematic version of O'Reilly's alter ego at the moment and that might actually be a good thing. For when 'Cloak & Dagger' returns with season 2, Pokaski will have all the freedom in the world to use Mayhem in whichever way he chooses to antagonize the city of New Orleans.