'Marvel's 616': Release date, plot and all you need to know about the anthological docuseries

The series will focus on the intersection of Marvel's storied history and the creators who helped build that legacy up

                            'Marvel's 616': Release date, plot and all you need to know about the anthological docuseries
(Marvel Comics)

Whether you're an avid fan of the comics, the movies, the TV series or whether you're not even a fan at all, Marvel has become a household name in the past decade, as important to the cultural consciousness as big names like Disney, Paramount, or Universal Studios. Now underneath the Disney brand, Disney+ is releasing an anthological docuseries chronicling the stories of Marvel's illustrious history. Stay tuned to this page for news, trailers, casting announcements and everything else you need to know about the upcoming series.


Release date

There is no release date set for 'Marvel's 616.' However, there will be a panel dedicated to the discussion of the series at this year's [email protected] event.


According to the official synopsis, "Marvel’s 616” explores how Marvel’s rich legacy of stories, characters and creators exist within the “world outside your window”. Each documentary, helmed by a unique filmmaker, explores the intersections of storytelling, pop culture and fandom within the Marvel Universe." The series "will focus on a range of topics including an intimate look at the cosplay community, Marvel’s influence and relationship with hip-hop, illustrators who live and work internationally, and following a high school theater production of Marvel and Disney’s “Spotlight” program." 


Longtime Marvel fans know, of course, that 616 is the designation of the primary Marvel Universe out of an infinite number of other worlds out in the Multiverse.


Gillian Jacobs

Gillian Jacobs speaks onstage as The International Documentary Association showcases Disney+ original nonfiction series at NeueHouse Los Angeles on October 18, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Getty Images)


Gillian Jacobs will direct the first episode - 'Higher, Further, Faster' - which will take a look at what it means to be a woman in Marvel Comics, shining a light on the trailblazing women who brought the comics company to where it is today. Gillian Jacobs is best known for her role as Britta on 'Community.' She is also known for her roles on 'Love,' 'Girls' and 'Walk of Shame.' 


Paul Scheer

Paul Scheer attends FYC Red Carpet Event For Showtimes' "Black Monday" at Saban Media Center on May 14, 2019 in North Hollywood, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Paul Scheer will also be directing an episode of the series, though no details have been revealed as to what he will be covering. Scheer is a prolific comedic actor, known for his roles on 'Black Monday,' 'The Good Place,' 'Big Mouth' and Veep.' 



There is no trailer released yet for 'Marvel's 616.' 


The announcement for 'Marvel's 616' was first made before the Disney+ launch in 2019. It was announced to be releasing sometime in 2020. In 2020, it was announced that 'Marvel's 616' would be one of the spotlight panels featured on the [email protected] event. 'A Look Inside “Marvel’s 616” on Disney+' will air on Thursday, July 23, at 1 pm PT.


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