#MarvelisOverParty trends, leaves fans confused amid speculations that 'Black Widow' is set for online release

#MarvelisOverParty began trending on Twitter on Thursday morning, just days after speculations about their Phase 4 film 'Black Widow' being released online surfaced

                            #MarvelisOverParty trends, leaves fans confused amid speculations that 'Black Widow' is set for online release
(Marvel Studios)

Early on Thursday, Marvel fans were shocked to find the hashtag #MarvelisOverParty trending on Twitter with varying degrees of hatred expressed by users. There was also trolling of the production house that brings Marvel Comics to life with many reasons listed by fans about why this hashtag makes complete sense. However, what kicked off the trend was not clear many, and it is this factor that had confused fans. There were multiple tweets online about how this trend is deserved because Marvel had reportedly decided to make 'Black Widow' an OTT release instead of a theatrical release just as they did with the Disney Live-action film 'Mulan'.

This rumor had first spread like wildfire when a fake Disney Plus account had shared the trailer of Scarlett Johansson's film and announced that 'Black Widow' will release on November 6. However, the hoax was dispelled very quickly. Recently, however, this rumor has resurfaced after a movie portal listed a 'Black Widow' release on Disney Plus. In fact, many of the fans who are reacting to the hashtag seem worried about their fears coming true after the 'Mulan' release was announced. 

Some fans also used this opportunity to accuse Marvel of whitewashing many of their characters. One fan wrote, "maybe if the mcu listened and didn’t whitewash and erase wanda and pietro’s judaism we wouldn’t be having this problem #marvelisoverparty." 


Another added, "#marvelisoverparty well maybe if they didn’t whitewash powerful characters."


Many fans, however, have shared how frustrating it is to not know the exact reason why Marvel needs to be canceled. One fan wrote, "#marvelisoverparty. Been scrolling through this hashtag for 10 minutes trying to find WHY but all i've found is 'Maybe if they [Thing they didn't do] (Flashy fancam with retro-ish camera filter)'
anyone know why we're canceling marvel?"


In this vein, fans shared how Marvel would need to be canceled if only they had plans of releasing 'Black Widow' in theaters, or if they had kept Tony Stark alive, or if they gave Scarlett Johansson and Thandie Newtown (from 'Thor') a chance at being a part of a standalone film. 

One fan wrote, "#marvelisoverparty don’t release black widow on disney+." To this, another fan responded, "They have no choice bc of pandemic & limited theaters. #marvelisoverparty thanks Donald Trump for botching Covid-19 & prolonging it by continuing to botch it with the miracle cure & denialist stupidity."


A few also wondered why fans were so against a Disney Plus release and shared, "Wait, is the #marvelisoverparty really because people DON'T want Black Widow on Disney+?? Why wouldn't you want it on there? For $30 I can watch it from the comfort of my own home and watch it as many times as I want? Put that sh*t on D+ right now."


Fans are also using this opportunity to ask Marvel to release the trailer of 'Eternals'. For now, there has been no official confirmation regarding Black Widow's release and we can only wait and see if 'Black Widow' follows in the footsteps of 'Tenet' or 'Mulan'. 

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