'Moon Knight': Marvel gives Disney+ series a production date and planned schedule despite coronavirus shutdown

The series is set to begin production on November 16, under the working title of 'Good Faith'

                            'Moon Knight': Marvel gives Disney+ series a production date and planned schedule despite coronavirus shutdown
'Moon Knight' #2 (2014) (Declan Shalver/Jordie Bellaire/Marvel Comics)

While coronavirus may have halted Marvel's production schedule for all of its major projects, it continues to plan ahead for its upcoming Disney+ series. 'Moon Knight' has officially been given a production date - November 16 - and is expected to continue production over the next twenty-six weeks.

Though the characters of the show have yet to be cast, it appears that Marvel is continuing to work on the three new Disney+ series that will be introducing new characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 'Moon Knight,' 'She-Hulk' and 'Ms. Marvel' were all announced last year by Kevin Feige at the D23 Fan Expo, and rumors have been buzzing about all three series ever since. 

Of course, other Disney+ shows with more familiar characters were already well underway, but their production has been halted due to coronavirus concerns, with their release dates all pushed back. The earliest of these new shows will be 'WandaVision,' set to release sometime this fall. 

According to a report by Production Weekly, 'Moon Knight' will film under the tentative working title of 'Good Faith,' though how important is that for the show is hard to tell - regardless of the intention. Very little has been revealed about what the 'Moon Knight' TV show will be like, although it has been confirmed that it will feature the more horror-themed aspects of the Marvel Universe. It's been rumored that it may even introduce other Marvel horror-themed characters, such as Dracula and Werewolf by Night.

First introduced in the Marvel horror comic 'Werewolf by Night' #32, Moon Knight is the superhero identity of Marc Spector, who was granted powers by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Spector also suffers from a form of dissociative identity disorder, with multiple personalities all taking up space in his head. Moon Knight has learned to use those personalities to his full advantage, as each one aids his mission as Khonsu's avatar on Earth in a different manner. 'Moon Knight' tends to have more violence, horror and psychedelic explorations than most other Marvel comics, making it a fairly dramatic shift in tone for the MCU.

Though the production date is set, no release date for 'Moon Knight' has yet been confirmed.

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