'Marvel's Runaways' Season 3: What happened to the Pride?

'Marvel's Runaways' Season 3: What happened to the Pride?
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Much to the sadness of fans, 'Marvel's Runaways' will come to an end with its third season on December 13. The past two seasons showed the switching of allegiances, some shocking twists and turns and threats in every nook and corner. However, between the two warring factions, nothing is more fractured than the Pride, the parents of the Runaways.

Here's a look at the Pride, before Season 3 drops on Hulu on December 13.

Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder

Catherine has understood that coaxing the children of hiding would be easier if they aren't suspects of murder. Geoffrey reaches out to Darius, who betrays Alex after taking him in for a short period. After finally reconciling with his best friend, Geoffrey, is startled that Catherine kills Darius and then frames him for Destiny's murder. Geoffrey feels rattled by Darius' death. Though this leaves both the Runaways and the Pride in the clear, Geoffrey finds it impossible to forget this act.

Jonah, whose body is finally starting to decay, kidnaps Geoffrey as he intends to use his new body as a host The Runaways rescue him, and Geoffrey helps them break into the construction site to destroy Jonah's ship. Unfortunately, he loses his son, once more.


Alex unveils the truth behind his mother's actions and gets his parents arrested. The second season ends with Catherine and Geoffrey being taken away by the police.

Leslie Dean 

Lesie has finally understood that she needs to put an end to being manipulated by Jonah. She struggles to bring down everything that he has done till now and even reconciles with her husband Frank.

Things are not hunky-dory, as Frank takes over the Church and is drawn to the power he holds, though Leslie desperately tries to tell him that the idea of a Church is a lie. Frank sends Leslie away for 'reconditioning', where she runs into her mother. Karolina and Nico rescue her, and discover that she is pregnant with Jonah's heir.

Janet and Victor Stein

As we've seen, Janet spent Season 2 trying to restore Victor's health. Jonah put Victor into a stasis, under the ruse of trying to heal his wounds, when in fact he was using his technology to try and enter Victor's mind and speak with him. However, Jonah was actually preparing him to be a new vessel.


After Jonah's 'death' by Nico, Janet notices Victor acting strangely, and having memory lapses. The truth is, that Jonah's consciousness has entered Victor's body and he is using Victor to bring his plans to fruition. Unfortunately, before she can reveal his plans, Janet, Chase and Karoline are captured and put in stasis to become hosts for Victor. Jonah is now reunited with his family, who have taken control of two more bodies. Jonah is searching for the remaining family members.

Tina and Robert Minoru 

The season began with Tina killing Graciela to help her from exposing the Pride. Along with Geoffrey Wilder, Tina becomes the leader of the Pride, who is determined to bring Jonah down and keep their operations a secret. Robert tries to force Jonah into revealing the location of their children. Had it not been for the members of the Church Of Gibborim, he would have succeeded. After Nico, Karolina and Molly raid the Minoru home to steal the Staff of One, Tina fights back, but gives Nico the staff on the condition that all family ties are broken.


However, Tina gets possessed by Jonah's family members after the construction site confrontation.

Robert is fighting to survive after a confrontation with Nico, whose power over the Staff Of One causes a window to shatter, and a shard of glass becomes embedded in his neck.

Stacey and Dale Yorkes

Stacey and Dale have been trying to work on a weapon and eliminate Jonah for good, and devise a way to destroy the spaceship under the construction site. However, she gets possessed by Jonah's wife from his home planet, which is a result of the destruction. She is last seen looking over Chase, Karolina, and Janet, preparing them to be alien's newest hosts.

After Stacey poisons Gert and Old Lace, Dale realises that something is completely off and takes them as far as he can.

'Marvel's Runaways' will drop on Hulu on December 13.


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