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Marvel fans take over Twitter to celebrate Captain America aka Steve Rogers' birthday on 4th of July

Marvel fans wished their favorite superhero on this birthday
Chris Evans as Captain America (Marvel)
Chris Evans as Captain America (Marvel)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The 4th of July is best known for celebrating the commemoration of the Declaration of Independence, but to Marvel fans, it’s a little more than that. As per the original Marvel comics, the beloved character, Captain America was born on July 4, 1920. Captain America is the embodiment of all things American when it comes to the more patriotic side of things, so it’s only fitting that his birthday falls on this day.

Every year, Marvel fans make sure that they remember this day, and celebrate this day for Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. Created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, Captain America first appeared in the Marvel comics in 1941, and his first Marvel Cinematic Universe, played by Chris Evans was in 2011. So, whether you’re a long-time comic fan or just follow the movies, it’s time to wish Captain America a happy birthday.

‘My favorite superhero’

Marvel fans still aren’t over Chris Evans playing Captain America, so most of the tweets revolve around the beloved actor’s portrayal of Steve Rogers. Fans have decided to re-watch some of his best films as they write, “Okay time for the other movie to celebrate the day: Captain America: The Winter Soldier aka, Steve tears down the government HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE.” Another fan tweeted, “Watching Captain America on Steve's birthday.” Marvel fans have labeled Steve Rogers their favorite as one writes, “Happy Birthday Captain America Steve Rogers, my favorite superhero!” Another fan writes a rather emotional tribute to the superhero, “He's my favorite hero! The most humble, the most loyal, always trying to do his best and ready to sacrifice his own life to save the lives of others! The one with the best values, whose birthday it is today! He's Captain America! Happy Birthday Steve Rogers!”





While most Marvel fans are celebrating Captain America, some haven’t forgotten that it is Nick Fury’s birthday too. Fans have been quick to remind others of this little factoid as one says, “It’s Captain America’s birthday today, but it’s also Nick Fury’s.” Another one writes, “Happy birthday Nick Fury and Captain America!” Lucky for Fury’s fans, they will get to see him on the latest episode of ‘Secret Invasion’ on July 5, 2023!



Wishes from Marvel

Marvel’s official Instagram page has wished its fans this big holiday, “Happy #FourthofJuly!🎥: @allevatop” Although they might not have directly wished Captain America, the post consists of a video featuring the classic comic Captain America celebrating the 4th of July in the most unique way possible, with his shield. As Chris Evans’ social media accounts remain deactivated, there was no birthday wish from him for his longest-played character.

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