'Cloak and Dagger' Season 2: Will Tyrone's ability to access the Darkforce realm affect him adversely?

Tyrone Johnson's alter ego Cloak has the ability to transport people to a different dimension called the Darkforce, which is hinted to have a corruptive influence on people

                            'Cloak and Dagger' Season 2: Will Tyrone's ability to access the Darkforce realm affect him adversely?

The second season of 'Cloak and Dagger' is all set to premiere April 4 on Freeform. The show follows two teenagers - Cloak aka Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph) and Dagger aka Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt) who came in contact with unknown energy after a tragedy. Of the two, Cloak's ability to manipulate shadows and darkness stems from his connection to a different realm called the Darkforce. 

In fact, Cloak transports people to this dimension in the first season of the show, and he also travels through it. The first occurrence of this was when Tyrone was transported to Roxxon during his football game through the alternate dimension. There are a handful of people in the Marvel Universe who use the Darkforce including X-Men member Nightcrawler.

It is hinted that their use of the Darkforce might end up having a corruptive influence of some kind on them in the coming days. What is, however, contradictory is that the Darkforce, when shown in Marvel's 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' and 'Agent Carter', is portrayed as something that is completely black and, in essence, has a tendency to consume things as was shown in the second season of 'Agent Carter.'

This reference combined with the fact that Dagger's powers are light in nature, has us believe that the two have received a combination of Darkforce and Lightforce. In the second season, the trailer clearly indicates Cloak is the one to oppose Mayhem aka Brigid O' Reilly (Emma Lahana) for her methods while Dagger struggles with how fast she can achieve the end result.

If Darkforce were to have a corruptive influence on him, it has definitely not surfaced as of yet. Since both Cloak and Dagger are connected by their powers, this influence, if it occurs will also affect both of them.

Mayhem's powers, which was also the result of her coming in contact with the energy leaked by the core of the Roxxon rig, on the other hand, is negative. She is seen leaving bodies in her wake as she tries to find the girls who are victims of a sex trafficking ring. While her intention is to save them, her methods are definitely not on the right side of morality.

While the source of the energy is expected to be further delved into in the upcoming season, it is unclear as to how the writers will tie the Divine Pairing along with the source of Cloak and Dagger's powers. There are many fan theories regarding Cloak's powers and the most plausible one is that while Dagger's powers stem from the Lightforce, Cloak's power may stem from Darkforce and hence the two are also connected together as a Divine Pairing. If not, why would it be assumed in the first season that one of them would have to lose their lives to save New Orleans?