EXCLUSIVE | 'Marrying Millions: The Journey So Far: Part 2': When will it air and what to expect from the Lifetime special?

The Lifetime special will focus on two couples — Rodney and Desiry, Rick and Erica — and fans will get a look into their unconventional relationships

                            EXCLUSIVE | 'Marrying Millions: The Journey So Far: Part 2': When will it air and what to expect from the Lifetime special?
Rodney & Desiry and Rick & Erica (Lifetime)

'Marrying Millions' Season 2 will return in January 2021 but before the couples can get back to churning drama on the show, the viewers will get a quick glimpse of where they currently stand. In a nutshell, Lifetime will air a special episode that will serve as a quick guide to the couples' journeys so far.

'Marrying Millions' went into a break early in October leaving its fans guessing what will happen next because the sneak peek suggested there would be more fights, some drama and revelations. MEAWW had exclusive access to the promo for new episodes of 'Marrying Millions' Season 2, which will premiere starting January 27, Wednesday on Lifetime at 10 pm ET/PT. Here are the two couples who will be featured in the new special titled 'Marrying Millions: The Journey So Far: Part Two'.

Rodney and Desiry

Desiry and Rodney (Lifetime)


This couple's relationship is reality TV-appropriate. It's laced with elements that would make for glossy gossip shows. Desiry is a social worker who is in love with Rodney, an entrepreneur, who wants them to live together in Washington DC. But she insists on just visiting him every once in a while and sleeping in different rooms.

Rodney respects her life choices and is finally ready to introduce her to his family. His mother immediately rejects her, which leads to a massive fight. Later, when they get back together, he reveals he slept with another person which almost broke them apart until he decides to spring a surprise — arrange for an elaborate and classy proposal. Will Desiry accept the ring? We will know soon. 

Erica and Rick

Erica and Rick (Lifetime)


The 40-year age gap is a problem, not for them but for Erica's father, who is surprised she would bring home a boyfriend, Rick, who is older than him. Once, he even said that he would not walk Erica down the aisle.

But his disapproval doesn't stop Rick from popping the question to Erica, who is then disappointed that he doesn't seek her hand in marriage from her father. She even returns the ring, which serves as a huge blow. Will Rick recover from the fallout, pursue Erica and give in to her wishes? Fans will know soon.   

'Marrying Millions: The Journey So Far: Part Two' will follow the latest update on the two couples — Rodney and Desiry and Rick and Erica — and will premiere January 20, at 10 pm ET/PT. For more information, check your local listings.

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