EXCLUSIVE | 'Marrying Millions: The Journey So Far: Part 1': When will it air and what to expect from the Lifetime special?

The Lifetime special will look at Bri & Bill and Nonie & Reese and fans will get their answers to the many questions they have

                            EXCLUSIVE | 'Marrying Millions: The Journey So Far: Part 1': When will it air and what to expect from the Lifetime special?
Bill and Brianna, Nonie and Reese (Lifetime)

Lifetime's 'Marrying Millions' Season 2 went on a break early in October with a lot of loose ends. The couples went through a lot in the first half of the season. From cheating accusations to being labeled a "gold digger", the stings were endless and painful. But from the looks of it, the couples have moved on and are looking at tackling what lies ahead of them. For most, it's a wedding, while for some it may be something as simple as moving in together.

MEAWW had exclusive access to the promo for new episodes of 'Marrying Millions' Season 2, which will premiere starting January 27, Wednesday on Lifetime at 10 pm ET/PT. Here are the two couples who will be featured in the new special titled 'Marrying Millions: The Journey So Far Part One'.

Nonie and Reese

Nonie and Reese (Lifetime)


Seattle couple Nonie Creme and Reese Record have recently moved in and it's starting to look like a bad idea. She is already tackling objections thrown at her by Reese's mother, and in addition to this, she also has to figure out how to get Reese to live in a more organized fashion. He has recently moved into her place but the transition hasn't been smooth. Not for Nonie at least, who believes in keeping every nook and corner of her house spick and span. But that isn't the case with Reese, who seems more invested in spending time with his skate buddies than Nonie.

The couple will hopefully be able to look past these roadblocks and the fact that there's a 17-year age difference. Moreover, the two also have to wait and watch if Reese's mother poses more problems for them. She doesn't seem to like Nonie very much and from their interactions, it seems she is totally against her molding Reese into a better person. Reese's mother feels Nonie is holding him back from doing bigger things in life. How will Reese handle the women in his life? Only time will tell.

Bill and Brianna

Bill and Brianna (Lifetime)


Marriage and kids have always been on Brianna 'Bri' Ramirez's mind but the same cannot be said about Bill Hutchinson, who is 40 years older than her and likes to take life as it comes. The Dallas-based real estate developer has been married before and is a father to six children. Naturally, he would like to think long and hard before walking down the aisle again. But Bri is young and dynamic and has these dreams she would like to see fulfilled someday.

After countless conversations, Bill has finally started to consider marriage as a possibility but there's a chance he may change his mind after a quick talk with ex-wife Kathleen Hutchinson. Will Bri and Bill walk down the aisle? Fans will get the answers to all of their questions when 'Marrying Millions' kicks off in January.

'Marrying Millions: The Journey So Far' Part One will follow the latest update on the two couples — Bill and Brianna, Nonie and Reese — and will premiere Wednesday, December 30, at 10 pm ET/PT. For more information, check your local listings.

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