'Married to Medicine': Shanique wanting to convince Robert about her job-switch has fans surprised

Shanique has been wanting to move into the real estate industry but Robert wants a concrete plan for it

                            'Married to Medicine': Shanique wanting to convince Robert about her job-switch has fans surprised
Shanique Drummond (Bravo)

Shanique Drummond was in for a rude shock when her husband, Dr Robert Drummond, demanded a concrete plan from her with regard to her job switch. She expressed an interest in exploring the real estate industry. Although he was only asking to understand if she had her goals set right and knew what she was doing, fans took it to another level and have continued doing so by implying it was sexist of Robert to probe into the matter this much.

As Shanique shared how much she wanted this change for her, Robert discouraged her thoughts by saying she wouldn't be able to balance. "I don't think you're going to be able to have the time that you think you're going to have to do the things that you're doing with the kids now. So someone's going to have to do it and it ain't going to be me," he said and added that to become a successful realtor she would have to put in most of her time and energy into it. 

Shanique will not take no for an answer. Robert asked for a plan, the lady has one. In Sunday's episode of 'Married to Medicine: Los Angeles,' we see Shanique put together a PowerPoint presentation for Robert. One could tell she was nervous about having him go through it, which was why she called on Jazmin Johnson to look into it first. 

Jazmin may have okayed the PPT, but fans thought it was "weak" and some added that she didn't even have to create one. If she wants a change of scene, Robert should support her thoughts and ideas no matter what.

"Im sorry, but it’s absolutely NO way im making a PowerPoint presentation to my HUSBAND abt why I want to switch my job..if im telling u im unhappy thats all that should matter, im not saying I dont wanna work, I jus wanna do sumthing else BETTER #Married2MedLA," a fan commented, another shared: "I’m not giving a presentation to my husband because I want to change jobs #married2medla He isn’t my boss, especially if I supported him through med school."

"This girl making a power point presentation to present TO HER HUSBAND about her goals/ dreams...Chileeee maybe she needs a office job so that she can use this same energy to get promoted instead of being messy. #Married2MedLA," a viewer pointed out. "Shanique is practicing a presentation she has to show to her husband to convince him to LET HER follow her dream job #Married2MedLA," a surprised user tweeted.

"Shanique and her Preschool PowerPoint presentation...it’s disturbing how weak it is  #Married2MedLA #Married2Med," another expressed. 

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