'Married to Medicine: Los Angeles': Did Imani Walker's marriage end due to lack of sex?

Imami spoke her heart out to the girls and said that she and Phil have not had sex in five years

                            'Married to Medicine: Los Angeles': Did Imani Walker's marriage end due to lack of sex?
Dr Imani Walker (Bravo)

Imani Walker's marriage is falling apart. She and Phil Johnson are separated and are filing for a divorce. She has fought this trauma all by herself until last week when she broke down while narrating the whole story to best friend Britten Cole. Imani hid from everyone because she didn't want to burden others with her marital issues but Britten assured her that she will always lend a patient ear to her problems. 

It took her some time to wrap her head around the fact that her son will be a single child soon. And just that thought was enough to keep her from talking about it. She opened up to Britten but took her time and she also thought long and hard before sharing the news with Shanique Drummond, Jazmin Johnson, Lia Dias and Kendra Segura on 'Married to Medicine: Los Angeles'. Imani feared judgment, given how extensively her marriage has been discussed since the beginning of this season. Jazmin and Shanique were especially invested in knowing why Imani and Phil have not met in months. They speculated that Phil may be over Imani, but in her heart and mind she didn't want to believe it. But now all is settled between the ladies and Imani was, very easily, able to share her deepest fears and emotions without being criticized or questioned.

In this week's episode, Imani implied the reasons why they have grown apart. It's the same reason why Britten and Mack Major's marriage had hit a roadblock a while ago — lack of physical intimacy. Talking to the girls over breakfast, Imani shares that she and Phil have not had sex in five years. "I get no d***, no attention, no affection," she listed out, while Jazmin and the others were left in shock.

In other news, Britten and Mack were able to restore their relationship by taking a break from their regular family life. She had arranged for an "erotic" date for her and Mack, in which they check in to a hotel and spend some quality time together. This was much-needed, given how they have been sleeping in different rooms for a while now. 

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