'Married to Medicine': Fans say LA cast needs Atlanta ladies to run the show, Britten sets the record straight

'Married to Medicine': Fans say LA cast needs Atlanta ladies to run the show, Britten sets the record straight
Britten Cole (Bravo)

Ever since 'Married to Medicine: Los Angeles' Season 2 aired, the word on social media has been that the makers were apprehensive if the cast members would be able to shoulder the show all by themselves.

Therefore, the Atlanta ladies were thrown into the mix to stir the pot and create some drama to ensure that enough and more controversies are being generated. Interestingly, that is not how the LA cast members feel. 


In an exclusive chat with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Dr Britten Cole, an anesthesiologist, shared that they have no issues with the Atlanta ladies and that they are very good friends, but that is only behind the scenes.

However, she does understand why viewers might not take this LA-Atlanta mix-up very kindly. "I guess for viewers because they're watching the LA version, they want to see more LA and I think some viewers were taken aback by, because it's like, okay, this is an LA show."


"If I want to watch the Atlanta cast, I'll turn to the Atlanta show but I mean for us, it's not a big deal," Britten said and added that they enjoy one another's company because they're fun people.

"They're fun, they're funny, we all get along you know, they tend to spice things that, which is kinda fun to mean, sometimes you need outside drama to get the blood moving. So, no, I don't have a problem with it," she further shared. 


Meanwhile, here's what the fans have had to say about the Atlanta ladies being a part of the LA show.

"The first episode was straight but #Married2MedLA is truly boring. And u know it's boring when they gotta bring the Atlanta girls to help out. Lost my attention 15 min in #bravo #married2med," a fan commented.

Another shared: "#Married2MedLA the first two episodes were good. Now that the Atlanta crew has left...we shall see how well the show will do....cause the show lost steam last season after the Atlanta girls left. #GoodLuck."


"Is anyone else wondering how this show got renewed? I mean hell, they have to bring the Atlanta cast continually to hold any interest!," a user tweeted. 

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