'Married to Medicine: Los Angeles' Season 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Bravo's reality show

'Married to Medicine: Los Angeles' Season 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Bravo's reality show
Jazmin Johnson, Shanique Drummond, Dr Kendra Segura, Dr Imani Walker, Lia Dias and Dr Britten Cole (Bravo)

Bravo's 'Married to Medicine: Los Angeles' is all set to return for a second season and it's only going to have more gossip and drama. If you're someone who is likely to be invested in the elite lives of successful ladies, read on to know more.

Release date

'Married to Medicine: Los Angeles' Season 2 premieres on May 3, Sunday, at 9/8 c. 


The plot is simple and builds as the season progresses. A group of women — some doctors, others married to doctors — come together to form a social circle that thrives on luxury. Their lives are fast-paced and they bond because they belong to the "small and exclusive" African-American medical community. 


Dr Britten Cole

Dr Britten Cole (Bravo)

Times are changing for her. The cross-country move has impacted her relationship with her children and has resulted in intimacy issues with her husband. 


Dr Imani Walker

Dr Imani Walker (Bravo)

She's taking on life as a single mother and unlike popular opinion (that her marriage is falling apart), this way of life was thrown at her because the husband has been out of state trying to kick-start a new business. But, she does break down. "I love him to death, but I can't pretend," an emotional Imani shares with her friends in the trailer.


Shanique Drummond

Shanique Drummond (Bravo)

Married to Dr Robert, Shanique wants to make a  career switch to luxury real estate but fears not having enough support from her husband and the kids. She too, like others on the show, will be juggling roles — mother, wife, and a careerist. 


Jazmin Johnson

Jazmin Johnson (Bravo)

Wife to a psychiatrist and mother to a son, Jazmin had a tough Season 1. She felt disconnected. But this time, she is all set to work on her concierge business and show what she's made of. 


Kendra Segura and Lia Dias

Kendra Segura, Lia Dias (Bravo)

They are friends of Dr Britten and Dr Imani (respectively) and are new to the LA crew. Hopefully, their intriguing storylines will blend seamlessly with the continuing arc of 'Married to Medicine'.




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